26 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Wait, what?

Yeah, merry Christmas, everybody! And no better card to show this holiday celebration, than by the new card: Token Christmas.

Or, to say it in another way: the new Jump Festa Cards are out and for once, they do NOT suck. Each new card from the Jump festa has its use, even if it's just as a holiday card (lol).

Jump Festa

For those that do not know, Jump Festa is an annual party or exposition in Japan, all about anime and manga, sponsored by Shueisha, creators of the various Jump anthologies [/Shameless copy of Wikipedia].

And since Yu-Gi-Oh! is part of Shueisha, they always release two variants of card packs, with reprints and several new cards.

Why did you never hear of it until this point? Because most new cards in these packs are hardly worth playing. And when they get a print in the TCG, it's as a common in the 09x card pool, because the effects are not good enough.

What makes this year different? Well, all of the new cards are actually kinda good, or have a good use...

The new cards

Bright White Dragon Wyrbuster and Dark-Winged Dragon Collapserpent: You can call these two the younger versions of Lightpulsar Dragon and Darkflare Dragon, because they can only be special summoned by banishing either a LIGHT or DARK monster from your grave (sounds familiar) and they search each other when sent to the graveyard. Biggest use for them: Chaos Dragons!

Komodo Dragon: Also known as: "Thank god Future Fusion is Banned". When this card is sent to the grave, you can special summon a dragon from your hand (and it does NOT miss timing)! Dragon decks will rejoice with this card. Also, it's a Debris Dragon target!

Fishborg Archer: Broken as hell in water decks. Special summons itself from the grave by discarding a water monster (Atlantean Dragoons) when you control no monsters and it's friggin tuner, allowing for easy synchro-ing in water decks.

Fire God Vulcan: A Fire Beast-Warrior? Doesn't remind me of anything..... A level 6 that bounces cards back to the hand? Basically it's a watered-down version of Brionac in Fire form, but severely restricted.

Secret Sanctuary of the Spellcasters: Secret Village of the Spellcasters got its private sanctuary, because the two cards work so well together in locking down your opponent it's not even funny (for the opponent). After Secret Village locks down spells, this card locks down monster attacks AND effects. Combine that with Sorcerer of Dark Magic and your opponent can go straight to the scoop phase.

Fire Dance Longsword: A Fire Beast that works well together with the Fire King archetype and works well with Diawolf. Random destruction gives this card its power.

Nine-Snakes Peacock: A searcher for WIND attributes. This card works amazingly with Icarus Attack and Swallow's Nest, because it triggers when tributed and it DOES NOT miss timing.

Armor Kappa: If you want a replacement for Gachi Gachi Gantetsu, you can try this card instead. Same summoning conditions, can gain attack up to 2400 (unless Veilered) and can (during one battle phase) protect your monsters (all of them) from being destroyed and protects your lifepoints at the same cost (a discard cost).

Token Christmas: That's the intro card of this post. The card tributes 2 tokens (of the same level) to summon monsters from your grave of the same level. This card will work great in the new Phantom Beast Plane Archetype that will be in Lord of the Tachyongalaxy (more on that in a later post, somewhere in 2013).


In short, these new cards are good and should not be looked over. I can't tell when they will be printed in the TCG (I expect from Lord of the Tachyongalaxy onward?), but I expect that all these cards (safe a few perhaps) will be played in their respective archetypes. So, if that happens, I think this Jump Festa will be a success.

Next time, I will post more about the fire archetypes, I will...

V out.

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