6 December 2012

How to beat #2: Facing Macro Rabbit

Macro Rabbits have won YCS Barcelona, probably picking up a hype around the world. Facing a good deck backed with macro Cosmos can be a pain, but there are a few tricks to counter them.

Royal Decree, Trap Stun & 7 Tools of the Bandit

What's the most annoying thing about Rabbit decks? The defensive style of playing (boss monsters that negate, macro cosmos & enormous back row). But you can get a Rabbit player on his nerves with a mere face-up Royal Decree. If they're out of luck (and don't have materials left on Laggia or a set Solemn Judgment), they have to wait until they draw a MST or Heavy Storm to counter you. With a trap-heavy deck like Macro Rabbit, that can cause a game loss...

But if you don't want to make your own traps useless, a well-timed Trap Stun or Seven Tools of the Bandit can do the work just as well. Just make sure you don't use your Trap Stun on the activation of Macro Cosmos, because it remains on the field, even if it IS stunned for a turn.

Say, That's a nice Macro Cosmos you have there. What does it do?...
Nothing, that's right.

Forbidden Chalice

Forget Effect Veiler or Maxx "C" when facing a Macro Rabbit deck. Most of the times Macro Cosmos is going to be active when the opponent summons the bunny, effectively putting a stop to your hand traps. What card can save you at that point? Forbidden Chalice is the only thing, really. Neither Skill Drain or Fiendish Chain can stop Rescue Rabbit, but Forbidden Chalice can.

Also, since Chalice works both turns (unlike Veiler), a well-timed Chalice can negate the effects of Laggia and / or Dolkka, allowing you to active your spell/trap or monster effect.

This card may be the holy grail you're looking for...

Solemn Warning

This sounds weird, right? Why would I promote Solemn Warning during an age where everyone shifts to Bottomless Trap Hole?

Actually, it's pretty simple. Solemn Warning can counter both Starlight Road AND Macro Cosmos!

Starlight Road allows you to summon Stardust Dragon, while Macro Cosmos allows you to summon Helios - The primordial Sun. While Stardust Dragon is somewhat used nowadays, nobody uses Helios. Therefore, that secondary effect kind of gets forgotten. But if a trap or spell has an optional special summon effect, Solemn Warning can negate it, even if you don't use the monster mentioned on the card.

You use my trap, but not me? That's not fair!

Again, no deck is unbeatable. You just have to find the right tricks to face it.

Until next time, V out.

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