2 December 2012

Macro Rabbits win YCS Barcelona

YCS Barcelona Was another successful European YCS with 820 attendees. All Saturday there were 7 rounds of Swiss, with the last 3 rounds being held today, on Sunday.

This was the first REAL European YCS the new format, so I was kind of curious how people all over Europe adapted with the new format. Will Dino Rabbit still be the most popular deck? Will people jump on the Inzektor-bandwagon of YCS Seattle? Will Mermails win? All questions that will be answered in this weekend.

Deck diversity was enoumous, spouting decks like Agents, Inzektors, Wind-ups, Chaos Dragons, Mermails, Rabbit decks (both classic & macro), Chain Burn, Geargia variants, Prophecy, Flamvell, Dragunity, etc.

At the start of day 2, 159 duelists kept on going for that top 32 spot. PJ Tierney analyzed what the top players played and concluded that it was very diverse.

Wind-ups were clearly the most popular deck of the day, as near 50% of all duelists left on Sunday played the deck.

After 10 rounds of harsh fighting came the list with the final standings. For your eyes too, this list can be found The following page.

Out of these duelists, there came the following top-32 cutoff.


Decklists aren't out yet, but at least we know who played what on This page

In short:

13 tops of the 32 spots? That's near half of all the top spots! I know they were heavily represented, but this still is a LOT! They're certainly a force to be reckoned with.

PJ Tierney gave us a quick analysis of the topped decks and compared them to YCS Seattle. Check it out on: This page

Known people that topped were Simon Hé, Stephan Sluis, Peter Gross, Jack Bruun, Paul Clarke and several others.

These brave 32 duelists fought and only 16 remained. The Feature match was Simon Hé (Agents) Vs Frederico Zoppini (Mermail). A match that Frederico won btw.

The Top-16

16 people lose, including 2 agent decks, the sole Chain Burn, 3 Rabbits, 2 Inzektos, 5/6 mermails and 3 wind-ups, resulting in the following lineup:

  • 2 Agents
  • 2 Rabbit Variants
  • 1 Inzektor
  • 1 Mermail
  • 10 Wind-up decks

With their continuous loop power, Wind-ups conquered the Mermails, leaving a sole survivor.

The top 16 had the following feature match: Peter Gross (Inzektors) Vs Jack Bruun (Dino Rabbit)

Only 8 survivors could continue into...

The Top-8

This time, the Wind-ups took a serious hit, being cut down from 10 to 4. Also, the last Bug was squashed (Peter Gross) and only 1 Agent was left alive.

So that resulted in the following Top 8:

  • 4x Wind-ups
  • 2 Dino Rabbit variants
  • Mermails
  • Agents

The profiles of the top 8 duelists can be found: On this page

The feature match in the top 8 was: Ali Fawaz (agents) Vs Luca Chetoni (Wind-up)

Final rounds

After being cut down to 4, all variation is still left. 4 completely different decks survive:

  • Agents (Ali Fawaz)
  • Mermails (Frederico Zopponi)
  • Macro Rabbit (Jack Bruun)
  • Wind-up (Stephan Sluis)

In the semi-finals, Jack Bruun had to face two-time YCS winner Stephan Sluis, while Ali Fawaz had to face off against Frederice Zopponi. How the second match went, I have no ide (but Frederico won). The match between Sluis & Bruun however, was Covered on this page.

In the finals, Jack Bruun (Macro Rabbit) faced off against Frederico Zopponi (Mermails) in an exciting finale. The match was covered here.

And the winner is

Congratulations to Jack Bruun! After a weekend, you rose above 819 other duelists and took this championship title with Macro Rabbit!

During this weekend, the next European YCS has been announced. It will be in Bochum (Germany) on February 23+24. Note the date, boys!

The Full Top-32 is:

  • Winner: Jack Bruun - Macro Rabbit
  • Runner-up: Frederico Zoppini - Mermail
  • 3rd Place: Stephan Sluis - Wind-Up
  • 4th Place:Ali Fawaz - Agent
  • Top-8: Luca Chetoni - Wind-Up
  • Top-8: Alpay Engin - Wind-Up
  • Top-8: Rocco Tamburlini - Wind-Up
  • Top-8: Robin Wetzel - Dino Rabbit
  • Top-16: Paul Clarke - Wind-Up
  • Top-16: Tolga Erkoc - Agent
  • Top-16: Peter Groß - Inzektor
  • Top-16: Nikos Hadjiioannou - Wind-Up
  • Top-16: Sean McCabe - Wind-Up
  • Top-16: Kristoffer Nielsen - Wind-Up
  • Top-16: Alexis Payet - Wind-Up
  • Top-16: Tony Vetuli - Wind-Up
  • Top-32: Denis Bequiri - Inzektor
  • Top-32: Leeroy Bitbol - Mermail
  • Top-32: Thierry Cyganek - Wind-Up
  • Top-32: Noel Garde - Mermail
  • Top-32: Soner Güngör - Mermail
  • Top-32: Simon He - Agent
  • Top-32: Andrea Ippolito - Wind-up
  • Top-32: Urh Kovacic - Agent
  • Top-32: Sebastien Ma - Mermail
  • Top-32: Felix Oberst - Dino Rabbit
  • Top-32: Samuel Oliva - Dino Rabbit
  • Top-32: Leonardo Pavone - Wind-Up
  • Top-32: Piyal Peiris - Dino Rabbit
  • Top-32: Sarimento Rafaelo - Inzektor
  • Top-32: Joahua Schmidt - Mermail
  • Top-32: Marcus Schultze - Chain Burn

So, that is all for now. Until next time, V out.

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