15 May 2013

Analysis of YCS Meadowlands, New Jersey: The Influence of Hidden Arsenal 7

I promised I would give you an analysis report, so here it is. First up, the facts and figures:

  • Total amount of players: 1583
  • Card legality: Hidden Arsenal 7 legal, sneak peek weekend of Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy (so obviously not legal)
  • Rounds of swiss: 9 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday (11 total).
  • 145 players continued on Sunday.
  • After 11 rounds of swiss, there was a top-32 cut-off.
  • 14 players with 2 losses were unable to top (an annoying thing to achieve), including ARG’s Frazier Smith (34th place) and TCGPlayers’ Wilson Tsang with Chain Beat.

Top 32 players and their decks

Alexise SimpsonFire Fist
Ali YassineMermail
Andrew FredellaMermail
Angelo MendozaGadgets
Christian GeorgesMermail
David NguyenBubble Beat HERO
Donel JaoEvilswarm
Evan PetreMermail
Galo Guillermo Orbea DavilaFire Fist
George KyanInfernity
George WeberEvilswarm
Herman HerreraMermail
James GuerreroMermail
James QuickGadgets
Jeffrey StrainMermail
Jeremy MacWanInzektor
Justin DiazWind-up
Karim AhamjikInfernity
Kris PerovicFire Fist
Marcus HaleMermail
Matthew BishopMermail
Patrick HobanInfernity
Paul LevitinMermail
Raymond BauzonFire Fist
Rodney WilliamsMermail
Satoshi KatoInfernity
Sean MontagueFire Fist
Simon HéMermail
Tariq WilliamsMermail
Thomas BalabanMermail
Tyree TinsleyMermail
William FernandesFire Fist

So in short, this is:

  • 15x Mermails
  • 6x Fire Fists
  • 4x Infernity (huh?)
  • 2x Evilswarm
  • 2x Gadgets (with Tin Goldfish)
  • 3 Others: Wind-up, Inzektor and HERO

Notable tops are Patrick Hoban, Simon Hé, Tyree Tinsley and Satoshi Kato.

But honestly, I’m surprised at the several tops of Infernity. Guess Infernities gained a boost with Lavalval Chain at their disposal now (Place Archfiend at the top of your deck and draw into it next turn, activating its effect).

Cutoff results

Of the 15 Mermail decks that topped, 8 survived the fishing nets. 2 of the Fire Bros, 3 Infernities and both Gadgets got killed. And the two Evilswarms didn’t make top-16 either. I must say, since they still don’t have Kerykeion, that’s a nice start for that deck. I’m expecting more of them after Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy will be legal to play.

This resulted in the following top-16:

  • 8 x Mermail
  • 4 x Fire Fist
  • 2Infernity
  • Wind-up
  • Inzektor
  • HERO

Top 8, this was further reduced to:

  • 6x Mermail
  • 2x Fire Fist

All diversity decks were killed off at this point. Only Fire Bros and Fish-men survive from here on out.

Top-4 became 3x Mermails and 1 sole Fire Fist, carried by Galo Guillermo Orbea Davila. But he failed to make the finals (sadly enough, I like diverse final rounds).

Victory goes to the man-fishes

The final was thus once more Mermail versus Memail, James Guerero Versus Tyree Tinsley. You can read the feature match here: http://www.konami.com/yugioh/blog/?p=13864

The winner of this YCS was Tyree Tinsley, making this his second YCS victory after YCS Providence in 2011. This is his deck profile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrJa5kA0rz8

The other interesting deck profiles are (credits go to Wilson Tsang & Vexacus):

The influence of Hidden Arsenal 7

The first YCS after Hidden Arsenal 7 is thus a fact. So let's look at what cards really made an impact!

  • Evilswarm in General: Even though they're not yet at full force, without Kerykeion, they already made tops. Impressive!
  • Tin Goldfish: Helps out any machine deck and Gadgets in General!
  • Lavalval Chain: This card by itself ensured that Infernities got 4 tops and also worked in the Inzektor and Evilswarm decks!
  • Daigusto Emeral: Several of the topped decks used Daigusto Emeral and claim they wouldn't make it without Emeral.

This was the last event where Mermails had the top places for itself. From next week onward, Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy will be legal, pushing Prophecies, Dragon Rulers and Evilswarms to the top spots.

Next up everywhere: Nationals / Continental qualifications and the World Championship in Vegas!

Check the Konami site for the location of your national / continental championship. Like I said yesterday, I’ll try to keep a list updated with all National champions. All help to fill in the blanks (and the respective decks) is welcome!

V out.

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