8 May 2013

Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy - Spoiler list

No, I'm not dead. I've just been extremely busy with the concerts of my concert band last weekend (I'm a co-organizer). Now that that has passed, it's back to Yu-Gi-Oh-ing. I still owe you guys the full report of Lille (working on that), but the full spoiler list of Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy is available, so I thought I might share it with you guys (prepping for the sneaks this weekend)

TCG World premiere Cards

Only one TCG WP Card left unknown (Explosion of the five brothers: something that refers to the fire fists, or that fairy tale?), but all the others are known.

  • Mecha Phantom Beast Turtle Racer: The Sneak peek promo and not that bad. It's a nice defender for your Mecha Phantom Beast tokens.
  • Noble Knight Gwalchavad: FYI, this is the celtic name of Galahad from the Knights of the round table. It's another nice addition to the Noble Knights, though I wonder if that archetype will ever be played.
  • Fire Fist - Coyote: Bad Cyber-Dragon knock-off for Fire Fists. This card is a secret rare? FAIL!
  • Mermail Abyssbalean: What... what is this? Kill it... Kill it with fire!
  • Trifortressops: A machine triceratops specifically designed to counter the LADD-version of 4-Dragons. Too bad LADD is not being used in that deck anymore... Also a missed chance to make this a f***ing machine instead of a Dinosaur (Evolzar Soldda is sad).
  • Ghost Fairy Elfobia: Interesting follow-up of Elfuria. Might be an interesting tech in the Angry birds... I mean the Gusto deck. Wonder if more of these fairies will come.
  • Totem Bird: Speaking of Angry birds... This is a nice mini-Laggia for Gusto's. And I seriously love the artwork.
  • Noble Arms of Destiny: Meh Super Rare. I don't really see this being used, while forbidden lance is around.
  • Spellbook of Secrets: Konami's excuse of putting that "different spellbook spell cards" on both Fool and Reaper; let's make some more different spellbook spell cards! But since Prophecies hardly use XYZ (safe Big Eye or the occasional Gagaga Cowboy or Shining Elf), this card will end up more dead than alive.

OCG Promo Card imports

Still no Fire Fist Chicken (Tewart warned us that it would take "longer than expected" to get them into a tcg print). Also no Harpie Dancer (according to what I heard, this will become a Jump promo in TCG as well, though I have no confirmation on that).

Out of my prediction list, I got 5/10 correct. I admit, I didn't expect the baby E-Dragons yet, but I'm glad they're here.

Without further ado, the list is:

  • Sonic Warrior
  • Number 69: Coat of arms (awh, no god reference? :-P )
  • Constellar Omega
  • Constellar Sombre and Evilswarm Kerykeion
  • The 4 baby Elemental Dragons (Reactan, Burner, Stream and Lightning)
  • Duck Fighter (I guess this over Kujakujaku makes sense, with the Mecha Phantom Beast being introduced and all).

The rarities

Some boosts were predictable (Windrose, Dracosack & Judgment), but the amount of downgrades is surprisingly high this set.

  • Secrets: Windrose, the Elemental lord, Mecha Phantom Beast Dracosack, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Cardinal (why?), Spellbook of Judgment, Pinpoint Guard (okay?), Torrential reborn (huh?), Fire Fist - Coyote (lol, wut?) and Totem Bird.
  • Ultra/Ulti: MPB Hamstrat (didn't expect this), Harpie Channeler (saw this one coming), Nr. 107 Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, Gauntlet Shooter, Nr. C105 Comet Cestus, Barian's Force, Scramble! Scramble! (wow, seriously?), Noble Knight Gwalchavad, Mermail Abyssbalean (no, we're not falling for this one) and Constellar Omega (no secret, that's a surprise).
  • Super Rare: MPB Turtle Racer (Sneak Peek), MPB Megaraptor, Madolche Hootcake, Nr. 105 Star Cestus, Fire Formation Gyokkou, Hysteric Sign, Seven Star Sword (sigh of relief, no secret rare), Madolche Nights, Geargia-Gear, Ghost Fairy Elfobia, Noble Arms of Destiny, Constellar Sombre, Evilswarm Kerykeion, and Duck Fighter.
  • Surprising non-foils: All of the Elemental Dragons (lol), MPB Tether-Wolf, Fortune of Prophecy, Harpie's Pet Phantasmal Dragon, Shark Fortress and Sylphine the Sub-Zero Siren.


The details can be read on the wikia: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Lord_of_the_Tachyon_Galaxy. Sneak peek is this weekend, I hope you can attend it (I can only attend one, due to mother's day being this Sunday).

Other than this news, The box of HA7 I opened was not bad, but not that great either (and no video, I'm not satisfied with the result and re-opening is quite impossible). I did get most of the cards I wanted, but no Lavalval Chain or Daigusto Emeral (:-( ).

I'll try to give the Lille post before the end of the week (no promises). Until then, V out.

Edit: Rage: All Sneak peeks in Belgium and Holland have been postponed, due to wrong delivery (German packs instead of English ones) *facepalm*. New dates will be announced, depending on your locals.

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