21 May 2013

Reasons to love or hate Lord of the Tachyongalaxy

Last Thursday/Friday, Lord of the Tachyongalaxy finally came into stores. So it's time to review the hits and misses of our latest TCG booster set.

Hits, or reasons to love LTGY

  • The Dragon Rulers are rare! Konami took a different approach to the TCG-version of the Elemental Dragons. Instead of bumping their rarity from Super Rare to Ultra or Secret Rare, they wanted it to remain playable and made them all rare! So I guess TCG won’t have to pay 20$ per Dragon, unlike the OCG. And for the foil fans, Konami decided to give everybody their secret rare as well, in this year’s tins! That is amazing!
  • The Baby Dragons are present! During the last month, every Dragon fan was crossing their fingers to have the baby E-Dragons as well. The 4-Dragon deck would only work at half the original strength I those 4 weren't in the set. And Konami heard our prayers. They’re in the set… and they are common (WOW). Yeah, no 20-30$-versions of the baby dragons either, huh. 4-Dragons might really become a budget deck (at least if you don’t look at the extra deck, lol).
  • Totem Bird: Aside from its amazing artwork, this is probably the "best" TCG World Premiere Card of this set. Too bad it’s a secret rare. Still, I want this mini-Laggia for my Angry Birds, err… Gusto Deck.
  • A lot of good cards have low rarity (safe a few exceptions): Shark Fortress is a common (lol, wut?), the 4-dragon archetype monsters are non-foil, Zerofyne is a rare, Wheel of prophecy is also pimped down, and then look at the OCG imports. Sombre and Kerykeion are Super rare instead of Ultra, Constellar Omega is Ultra instead of Secret and Number 69 is a frigging rare, not a secret rare? Many cards of which I expected to see a rarity bump got downgraded instead.
  • TCG Konami gets the joke: The Mecha Phantom Beast are airplanes. Their support cards are obviously terms from the military airforce, using terms as “scramble” or “Barrel roll”. The fans immediately remembered a certain meme and TCG-Konami got it as well. Thus, the card “Barrel roll” became “Do a barel roll!” .
  • Every archetype of the last year gets support: Whether you like Madolches, Geargia’s, Prophecies, Fire Fists, Mermails, Atlanteans, Fire Kings, Constellars, Evilswarm or Noble Knights, they all receive new cards.
  • Boosting older archetypes: Continuing with their trend to boost older archetypes, Konami now boosts Harpies with Harpie Channeler, Harpie’s Pet Phantasmal Dragon and Hysteric Sign. With the rumor that Harpie dancer may be the next Jump Promo after Zubaba General (not confirmed at all, btw), that would make a nice revival of a fan-favorite archetype.

"Press Z or R twice!"

Misses, or reasons to hate LTGY

  • The anime cards suck (as usual). Blizzard Falcon is the only anime card that may be used, rendering 20-25 % of all cards in this set virtually useless. The Burning knuckler archetype is nice, but you already know this is about the only support they'll have.
  • MPB Dracosack is a secret rare: Yeah, this could've been expected after seeing the rare Dragon Rulers and common baby dragons. You’ll save out 4 (elements) x 3 (of each card) x 2 (big and baby dragon) x 20$ = 480$ on main deck cards, so in return you’ll have to spend over 100$ per MPB Dragosack.
  • Prophecies remain bling-bling: As expected, Spellbook of Judgment is secret rare (considering the previous bumps, I’m not surprised). Fits with the rest of the bling deck, but this makes Prophecies one of the most expensive decks ever.
  • Mermail Abyssbalean: There's no real broken TCG World Premiere card, but bad cards? This is possibly the worst. Dump 4 Mermail monsters to summon it? At least Abyssleed is a beat stick and is able to force your opponent handless (if you ever use its effect). This card just isn't worth it.
  • Fire Fist fans are sulking: Still no sign of Chicken, but they get a Cyber-Dragon knock-off instead. Yeah, Tewart mentioned it might take longer than expected to get the rights from Jump's publisher(Shueisha) to get a TCG-print of Fire Fist Chicken. But then there's Coyote... Why? And why (for crying out loud) a secret rare? The card would have some use in the 3-axis build (which is not being played without Chicken anyway) to get that level 8 synchro on the field. But… why does it have that restriction of needing a face-up Fire Formation card? That makes Cyber Dragon a better topdeck in Fire Fists than this card (and that’s saying something).
  • No Special Edition: Obviously absent from the past months news flashes, there's no news on a special edition! Of the past few sets we all got a Special Edition, with varied success. And while we all know this set is the best since Duelist Revolution, we will get NO Special Edition of this one (due to many other releases probably?). Let’s hope the August tins will have this set at least.

"Prepare your wallet for the rapture!"

The belated sneeks in BeNeLux

Belgium (and also Netherlands and Luxemburg) had belated sneak peeks, due to the original delivery being wrong (German instead of English cards). Due to that, all sneak peeks of Tachyon Galaxy were delayed. I heard the first one was last friday. This weekend, none were going on, due to Belgium Nationals being this weekend (more on that later). But since Monday was a holiday in Belgium, there was another belated sneak. So I got a shot at this sneak peek.

Out of my original five boosters, I only got a Duckfighter and Geargia-Gear and the commons/rares were nice, but not good enough to grant me my victory (battlin' boxers were all over the place, lol). During the tourney I bought a second pack of sneak-peek boosters (no limit on sales since the set is out and Sneak-peek boosters have a higher foil chance. And that resulted in a Windrose, the Feather Duster Lord and a Rank-up Magic Barian's Force (both which I wanted). Further trades got me a Harpie's Channeler (which was later on traded for a Kerykeion), a Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars, a totem Bird and this baby...

1 down, 2 to go.

Thoughts on the set in general

This set is basically the best we got in the past year and will be sold-out in no-time (mark my words).

Do pay attention. 1 full box does not guarantee you a full play-set of Dragon Rulers (I noticed after watching a few box openings out of curiosity).

So… Get your Dragon Rulers while they’re hot! Get that Kerykeion while it’s still cheap! Get your Judgment and Dracosack while they’re “only” about 120$ (yeah, that price will rise further if the set is sold out). I expect it to become 150-200$ each around the time of the Continental/World Championship.

Until next time, V out.

PS: Further posts this weekend will be updates on OCG/TCG releases and the review of the OCG's latest Extra Pack.

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