1 August 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh, the animal farm

Another slow news week. Not that much stuff happens during the summer. It's that slow, we're actually waiting for each TCG World Premiere card of Judgment of the Light to reveal itself and for people opening packs too soon to see what rarity each card has. And somehow, this set is turning into a toddler's animal sound book.

Learning animal sounds with Yu-Gi-Oh!

On the left we have a little chick. Little chicks go Cheep cheep cheep.

On the right we have a rooster. Roosters go Cockadoodledoo.

And to make it even more silly, those are exactly the names of these cards. The only thing missing is a Lv. 9 Winged Beast synchro named Cluckcluck.

No wait, for real?

The two cards actually work well together (who would've guessed?). As noticed in my "cards to look forward to" post of Judgment of the Light, I did pick out Piyokoko (or Cheepcheepcheep as it is now named in TCG) as an interesting card. Hatching this chick from its egg, er I mean flip summoning this card, allows you to special summon a Lv. 5 or higher tuner monster from your deck. And guess what? The rooster Cockadoodledoo is a Lv. 5 tuner.

And it works the opposite way around, since you can special summon the rooster if you don't control monster. If neither player has a monster, it becomes a LV. 3 tuner; if your opponent has one or more monsters it becomes lv. 4.

So together, these two cards allow for synchro-ing monsters between lv. 7 and Lv. 9 (well, if there actually was a Lv. 9 synchro that only required 1 non-tuner that's wind in the tcg...).

And other than this little animal farm?

Well, today all rarities of all cards have been confirmed. World of Prophecy is a secret (somewhat expected); so is Rooster, Angel of Zera, Star Eater (horrible name), Armades, Wolfbark, Transmodify and Drystan (basically all the good cards). I'm glad they didn't touch Trick Archfiend (or Archfiend Heiress as they call her now).

The ten OCG promo's have been confirmed and are quite random. I didn't make my prediction list, because there were just too many possibilities this time... and more than half of mine were totally off. No synchro's? No Chronomaly or Gimmick Puppet support? No Light monsters? Not even Vivit Knight? Even the random commons seem off (I would've expected Phantom Lord Hide Ride and Junk Collector).

The ten TCG World Premiere cards are now also confirmed. There are a few interesting cards in here (like the previous mentioned rooster, Tour Bus to forbidden Realms or Confronting the "C"), but the most interesting card is definitely Angel of Zera. This new re-imagining of Archlord Zerato is a perfect fit for Macro decks and can be incredibly hard to get rid of permanently.

"Wait, I'm allowed to be named Angel? Cool!"

Well, that's it for now. This weekend is sneak-peeking time. Let's see if we get lucky, or if we go home with an animal farm. V out.

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