5 March 2013

Analysis of YCS Bochum: Very diverse top 16, wind-ups win.

After my experience has been posted, I promised I’d post up an analysis of the event. It took a while, but here are the numbers:

  • Players: 1455
  • Rounds of Swiss: 8 on Saturday, 3 on Sunday.
  • Cutoffs: top 256 at the beginning of sunday to continue the last 3 rounds of swiss.
  • After 11 rounds of swiss, there was a top 32 cutoff.

Due to the high amount of players, losing 2 matches was often enough already for you to not be qualified for the top 32. It was harsh, but only 32 were allowed in.

Top 32 players/decks

Top 32 players were playing the following:

Antione DuvalDino Rabbit
Jan GroenkeDino Rabbit
Piyal PeirisDino Rabbit
Sheik SoegrimsinghDino Rabbit
Andrea ZenariFire Fist
Anthony FrancisFire Fist
Franck BologninoFire Fist
Ho-Ming WongFire Fist
Nicolas PetzFire Fist
Paul AdlerFire Fist
Ricki MadsenFire Fist
Stefano MemoliFire Fist
Matthias BeuHERO
Phi-Long LyHERO
Helio BaboMermail
Nick BoulbassakosMermail
Raul WehngeMermail
Umut SerinMermail
Yannick SiegmundProphecy
Sandor MalinowskiSix Samurai
Alpay EnginWind-Up
Benjamin LinWind-Up
Dennis VerspeekWind-Up
Dominik KampelWind-Up
Felix BerttramWind-Up
Julian KoblerWind-Up
Michael de SantisWind-Up
Nicolai KnueselWind-Up
Ole WegnerWind-Up
Thomas CavaliereWind-Up
Valens LeteurtreWind-Up
Vitjan GlavicicWind-Up

So, that means:

Cutoff results

In the first round of the cut-off, wind-ups had 8 broken toys (12 to 4), Fire Fists lost 3 of their 8 brothers, Dino Rabbits power was cut in half and only one Merlantean player was left of the 4.

This results in the following top 16:

  • 5x Fire Fist
  • 4x Wind-up
  • 2x Dino Rabbit
  • 2x HERO
  • 1x Mermail
  • 1x Six Samurai
  • 1x Prophecy

Top 8, this was reduced to:

  • 2x Dino Rabbit
  • 2x HERO
  • 1x Fire Fist
  • 1x Mermail
  • 1x Six Samurai
  • 1x Wind-up

Wow, this top 8 is very diverse. The 7 different decktypes that were in the top 32 were also present in the top 16. And if it wasn’t for the fact that the Six-Sam player was matched up with the Prophecy Player, all 7 might’ve ended up in the top 8. This once more proves that the current format is very diverse.

To continue: Top 4 was:

  • Dino Rabbit
  • Mermail
  • Wind-up
  • Fire Fist

4 Players, 4 decks. It happens, but not that often.

The final was (as we know by now) Stefano Memoli (Fire Fist) Versus Alpay Engin (Wind-up), resulting in a win for Engin and marking the final stand for Wind-ups.

And for those that want to know the decklist: it's available on Engin's youtube channel.


That’s it for now. Took a while to write this, but I’ve got a few other things lineup for the rest of the week.

A few side-notes:

  • Star Pack is out since end of last week. It sucks, as expected. Only a handful of nice reprints (Escuridao, Wisel, Wonder wand), but lots of crap.
  • Zexal Tin content is now known and will release the end of this week. This release is better, as it holds the Numbers cards Volcasaurus, Freezerdon and Goldrat, Starliege Paladynamo, Gagagashield (a good trap for Spellcasters), and lots of other nice new cards (if you like Photon/Lightray/Galaxy decks, like me); together with a nice reprint of Giga-Brilliant.
  • Edit: And yeah... noticed this youtube clip, revealing that the SE of Cosmo blazer will have Shark & Blade Armor Ninja. That fake picture is apparantly real. Fuck logic, lolkonami strikes again.
  • Next up this week: My thoughts on Spellbook Judgment Day (the horror of Spellcasters) and my predictions of OCG cards included in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy.

Until then, V out.

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