18 March 2013

The other side of the Card game #1: Promotion Pack 3

I’m going to use this new segment to talk about new OCG cards. Last week, a bunch of new cards came out, so it's time to review all of them, day by day.

Today, I'm talking about Promotion Pack 3.

The what-now?

During set periods of time, when the OCG-folks buy for 600 yen (or more) on certain Yugioh products, they get an extra pack of 2 cards from a 10-card cardpool. The previous packs (1 & 2) re-used the cards from the Jump Festa. With Promo Pack 3A & 3B, Konami added 5 new cards per pack.

Last month (February-March), the first half of this promotional pack came out. This A-part contained the younger versions of the Earth and Water Elemental Dragons, a Zexal Character token (Rio), Duckfighter and Interplanetarypurplythorny Beast.

And from this week onward, the OCG-folks can receive the B-part of this year's promo pack.

OCG Promotion Pack 3 Pt. 2

This B-part has the following new cards:

  • Burner, Elemental Dragon of Fire and Lightning, Elemental Dragon of Wind: The younger versions of the Fire & Wind Elemental Dragons. They help summoning the big E-dragons. The 4-Dragon deck can now be completed with E-Dragons only! I’m curious on how these two new cards will influence the OCG meta, since the 4-Dragon Deck is already a noteworthy competitor (the only reason why not everybody is running it, is because it’s the most expensive OCG deck at the moment).
  • Madolche Pyocolate: Pyo, as the (Japanese) sound that baby birds in their nest (of chocolate) make. Other than the cuteness of this card, it’s not worth remembering.
  • Vivit Knight: A Constellar Card that isn't a Constellar Card. Most archetypes have one of these cards, it doesn't have the name of the archetype, but you feel it's part of it. In most cases, since that card doesn't share the archetype name, it's often not worth running. Though, due to recent support for Beast-Warriors, this one might be worth running. Vivit Knight can be searched with Tenki (which Constellar decks are already using) and it can protect a LIGHT Beast-Warrior by temporarily banishing it (Aldebaran, Kaus, but also Hyades and Omega) and then special summoning itself. Can be a nice way to save your monster when you run into a Bottomless Trap Hole or a Forbidden Lance.
  • Similar to the A-Part, a Zexal Character token is available, this time: (Ko)Tori.
  • The other 5 cards in this pack are cards from the last Jump Festa, like Collapserpent, Kamaitachi, Kujakujaku, Armor Kappa and Token Christmas.

Next up on review: The OCG Starter Deck 2013 and the Enhancement Pack.

"Will you follow ME through the rabbit hole, Alice?"

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