22 March 2013

The other side of the Cardgame #5: V-Jump Promo's and a Red Hand

Well, we have a new Promotion pack, a new Starter deck and we have more than half of the cards revealed of the next set. Did we forget anything? Actually, yes. There are a few more promo cards coming up:

V-Jump Promo Card June 2013

The promo card attached to the V-Jump June Edition is:

Archfiend Commander: Part of the Archfiend Support that’s coming in Judgment of the Light. This card can be special summoned if you control an Archfiend (and then you blow up an archfiend in the same way Goka Blows up Fire monsters).

But its true colors shine if you tribute summon this card. If so, you can special summon a Lv. 6 Archfiend card (including itself) from the graveyard. Possible other targets are Summoned Skull, Toon Summoned Skull, Skull Archfiend of Lightning and Archfiend Zombie Skull... Wait, what? Aren't those cards all the same monster? The only card missing from this list is Prophecy Destroyer (they might as well have named him Prophecy Archfiend)!

Yeah, no surprise people claim it's just Summoned Skull in another jacket, even his stats are the same! But, you can also revive Archfiend of Gilfer and Beast of Talwar (amazing, isn't it?[/sarcasm]).

OCG Numbers Guide 2

On a regular base, there are guides appearing in the OCG. Last Numbers Guide contained Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings.

This time around, the card will be Number C106: Lava Palm - Giant Hand Red (Get it? Hand-Red, hundred. it’s pun time once again). This card is the Chaos Version of Number 106: Giant Hand (another V-Jump Promo Card from a few months ago).

Due to the fact that it doesn't appear in the same "set" as Giant Hand, it just gets an effect if a Numbers card is attached to it, not just Giant Hand. The effect? This guy is a giant card effect negater. But due to the harsher summon restrictions, it kind of pales when compared to Bounzer, Laggia, Dolkka, Shi En and Lightray Gearfried. In other words: nice try, try again.

V-Jump Subscription Bonus:

Just like in the TCG, when you're subscribed to V-Jump in the OCG, you receive a few promo cards throughout the year. The nex ones in the OCG are the following:

  • Rose Archer (from the 5D's Manga): This card is a hand trap that negates the activation of traps, as long as you control a plant monster (ooh, that last part wasn't really in the manga, was it?). Handy, but also kind of silly, since this card still won't be able to stop counter traps...
  • Starship Spy Plane (Zexal manga): This card is a Machine that special summons itself when the opponent controls an XYZ monster. This card also bounces an opponent’s spell or trap card. This is a handy card, helpful in Offering Gadget Decks. Its wind attribute also allows for Chidori in Machine decks (not an obvious choice otherwise).
  • Hell Centipede (5D's manga): Unconfirmed effect, but in the manga it’s a Lv 7 bug that can be normal summoned without tributes (if you don’t control monsters and your opponent does).
  • Galaxy Dragun (Zexal manga): Unconfirmed effect, but in the manga it gains 1000 attack when the opponent controls a Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, also negating its banish-effect. Other than that it’s a 2000-beater Light Dragon. Kind of a weird effect. This might change upon release, I guess...

Note: The last 2 cards have been confirmed to be printed, but are not out yet. Their effects / art may or will be altered upon release.


So, that's it for now. all OCG cards that were revealed in the past few weeks have been noted in my blog. Today is also the release for Cosmo Blazer Special Edition, but I don't really care about it (bad SE-promo's).

I guess next cards-update will be in a few weeks, when more TCG cards of Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy will leek and when the full set of Judgment of the Light will be published. Until next time, V out.

"No I'm NOT Summoned Skull! Just look at the monster I can summon!
There's Summoned Skull, Toon Summoned Skull, Skull Arch... ah, f**k it."


  1. didnt know of red hand.I like it though its easy summonable with a rank 4 number monster and limited barians force. the only good number monsters atm though that are easy to summon are Utopia, Corn - not EU, and Giant Hand - not TCG yet.

  2. And that's one of the reasons why I say it pales to other negaters. You need to summon a rank 4 numbers xyz and then use limited barian's force to get this.
    It's almost similar to Masked Hero's and we know how often those are played :-P