11 March 2013

Guessing the OCG inclusions – Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy edition

In May, Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy will come out in the TCG, bringing us an army of WIND attribute monsters. The promo page on the 808blog told us that there will also be more Noble Knights (TCG World Premiere cards) and perhaps even a few monster correlated with Hidden Arsenal 7.

So without further ado (and this time before there’s an official product page), let’s start guessing which OCG promo’s could be in Lord of the Tachyongalaxy.

Note: Last time I got 5/10 right. Lolkonami remains lolkonami; they can put in whatever they want.

High probability of being in Lord of the Tachyongalaxy

Constellar Omega: Originally I thought we would see this card before Hidden Arsenal 7 came out, but Konami thus decided it will be printed in the set following the last HA-series. This is one of the cards hinted on the 808-blog, so it has a very high chance of being in this set.

Constellar Sombres & Evilswarm Kerykeion: Woops, not Cercyon, but Kerykeion (name changed). Both are linked with the Hidden Arsenal 7 archetypes. These two “brothers” will most probably be printed.

Number 69: Heraldry God, Coat of Arms: Should’ve been in the last set, honestly. Dunno Why It didn’t get printed then, becaue all of the Heraldic beasts were in the last two sets. This card needs to appear for the archetype to be playable.

Number 42: Starship Galaxy Tomahawk: This is a VJump promo and it fits soooooo well in this set, because it’s heavily linked with the Mecha Phantom Beasts. It’s a WIND machine that produces tokens! It’s also a Rank 7 monster, which the MPB’s are easily ranked in to (according to what I hear, haven’t played with them yet).

Harpie Dancer: Harpie support? This one will be involved, definitely. It would be a real shame if Konami would miss the current Harpie Hype that’s going on.

Medium Probability of being in Lord of the Tachyongalaxy

Reactan, the Elemental Dragon of Crags & Stream, Elemental Dragon of Cascades: The younger versions of the Incarnate Dragons which are introduced in this set. These younger "brothers" are quite new in the OCG, so it’s not entirely sure they would already be in this set. But it’s possible.

Duckfighter: From the same promo pack as the previous 2 mentioned cards. It’s a WIND Machine that works with tokens. Nuff said (but also, might be a little too soon).

Sonic Warrior: The last card of the Tag Force 6 promo cards that needs a TCG print. This one is WIND attribute, so it’s a good fit, right?

The Atmosphere: The last of the Sphere monsters that require a TCG print. They’re all WIND, so might be the right time, right?

Kujakujaku (Nine-Snakes Peacock): One of the cards of the Jump Festa Pack of 2012. I mention it, because it’s a WIND attribute monster and fits in this set more than other sets would have a place for it.

Token Christmas: A trap that turns tokens into monsters! I know the timing for this card is totally off (Christmas, lol), but it works with the Mecha Phantom Beasts, so yeah, it’s possible.

Low probability of being in Lord of the Tachyongalaxy

Shuttleroid: The last of the Roid cards to be printed in the TCG. Was originally part of the group of cards that were in Premium Pack 2, but never got a print over here? I have no idea why. And even though it’s a WIND attribute and could be in the set, the absence of this card in both Premium Pack 2 and Legendary Collection 2 makes me wonder if we’ll ever see this card.

All cards of the last V-Jump pack: I’m talking about Fire Fist – Chicken, Fire King Beast Yaksha and the three Enthousiastic monsters. Kevin Tewart mentioned recently that it might take longer to get these cards into a TCG print. So possible, but quite unlikely.

Skullbird: I hope this card will NOT be in here. But considering Crimson Sunbird was in the last set, it’s not entirely impossible. This fusion monster has all its materials released in old boosters and Skullbird is a WIND attribute monster. So it has the same conditions as Crimson Sunbird.

Burner, Elemental Dragon of Calderas and Lightning, Elemental Dragon of Cyclones: Still need to appear in March in the OCG, so less likely to be seen here, but not entirely impossible either.

My 10-card pick:

The previous mentioned cards are the ones that have a decent chance of being in Lord of the Tachyongalaxy. If there are any other cards in the set, which are not mentioned in this list, then those cards are a pure random Konami decision (look at Cosmo Blazer, it doesn't get more random than that).

But if I would have to pick 10 cards, I’d pick:

  1. Constellar Omega
  2. Constellar Sombres
  3. Evilswarm Kerykeion
  4. Number 42: Starship Galaxy Tomahawk
  5. Harpie Dancer
  6. Number 69: Heraldry God, Coat of Arms
  7. Sonic Warrior
  8. Kujakujaku
  9. The Atmosphere
  10. Token Christmass

We’ll see how much I get correct this time around.

V out.


  1. No Harpie Dancer please ... its also kinda tooo new if you ask me.

  2. In the end it's Konami's decision, but I expect it to be there. Hate it or love it :-P