20 March 2013

The other side of the Card game #3: Enhancement pack 2013

Yesterday, I talked about the OCG Starter deck and how it's so not worth its money by itself. Well, today I'm talking about the one thing (or two things) that make it a little more interesting.

Included in this year’s starter deck in the OCG (and the Super Starter in the TCG), there will be 2 packs of 6 cards, called the Enhancement packs. Each pack includes both Number C39: Utopia Ray V and Rank-up Magic – Limited Barian’s Force, plus 4 extra random cards (from a 13-card cardpool).

OCG Starter Deck 2013 - Enhancement Pack

The new cards in this pack are the following:

  • Number C39: Utopia Ray V: A Chaos monster that can be summoned by overlaying 3 Rank 5 monster (lol, as if) or by the Rank-up Spell cards. When it's destroyed, you can recycle an XYZ (interesting) and when Utopia, lord of Reprints is attached to it, it gains an amazing destroy and burn effect.
  • Rank-up Magic: Limited Barian Force: A limited version of the Other Rank-up Magic Card (hence its name). This card can only "promote" Rank 4 XYZ to Rank 5 Chaos XYZ. The positive part is that it doesn’t have the restriction of types, so you can turn ANY rank 4 XYZ into a Rank 5 Chaos XYZ (2 available at the moment, 3 more to come). Right now, that’s not a lot of choice, but I expect more cards will come.
  • ZW - Eagle Claw: The most interesting Zexal Weapon yet. You can special summon it if your opponent has 2000 more life points than you do. Making it more interesting: this card can be searched by ZW – Leo Arms (and Claw can summon it with ease). Combining this card with cards like Cyber Dragon or Garbage Lord can turn the game interesting!
  • Ganbalancer (or Ganbara Lancer): Hey, it’s another one of those monsters that can be used as 2 XYZ materials (not). Instead, it just special summons another copy of itself from the hand or grave. Third card of its kind and still doesn't impress anyone.
  • Pakubagu: AKA Pac-man bug: Special summons itself when your opponent has an XYZ (only requirement, you can have as many monsters you want). Interesting card because it is easy tribute fodder, it’s a Debris Dragon Target and it can be used with Inferno Reckless Summon.
  • Crane Crane: A Lv. 3 winged Beast that summons another Lv 3 from the grave (no restriction). Read as Easy Rank 3 XYZ or Lv. 6 synchro (indeed, there’s no synchro restriction). Also, it’s a Debris Dragon target.
  • Gentltrooper: A reptile that can special summon itself when your opponent declares an attack. Then it becomes the attack target. Good to protect a monster from being destroyed, but its weak stats are not going to help you a lot in real life.

The other cards in this pack are reprints. Noteworthy cards are OCG-promo reprints of Acid Golem, Shining Elf, Chronomaly Atlandis. And there are also Super Rare versions of Mirror Force, Magic Cylinder, Swords of Revealing Light and Mytical Space Typhoon (nice, considering the OCG players don’t have that many reprints as the TCG players).

Personal opinion

The cards in this pack are more interesting than the Starter Deck itself. But expect this pack to be heavily altered upon TCG release, because:

  • The foil reprints in this pack have been printed as foils in Legendary Collection 3.
  • The three mentioned promo reprints are either already reprinted (Acid Golem) or are available in regular boosters (Elf & Atlandis).
  • There are 2 TCG World premiere cards in the upcoming OCG extra pack, of which we don’t know when they will be released in the TCG. Wanna bet they're going to be in this pack?

Personally, I’m going to buy one Starter Deck, for the Barian Force & Utopia Ray V and a playset of Eagle Claws (the card I'm most interested in).

Next up, a glimpse of what’s to come in Judgment of the Light. Until then, V out.

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