28 April 2013

YCS Lille - Mermails... mermails everywhere

It's Sunday evening. YCS Lille is over and I'm friggin tired right now (so short post, a big one will follow in the upcoming week). I had a hellagood time, even though I lost quickly 1-4.

  • Lost against Fire Fists in a grind match
  • Won against Exodia.
  • Lost horribly againt Mono Mermails (seriously, got OTK'd twice. Couldn't do a damn' thing).
  • Lost by a hundred point margin in time from Frog Monarchs.

Yeah, I know... not that great, huh. I entered a Battle Pack Booster match (which ended up being cancelled, because they didn't have enough people, lol) and one Win-a-Mat (didn't make it because my Prophecy deck backfired for unknown reasons).

Next to that, I got a lot of good trades: My third Spellbook Magician, my second book of the Master, my last Mystic Piper, a Pyrorex, a gold Breaker (for my Gold Deck), super rare Toon Gemini Elf (future purposes) and a few other cards.

The people at the Konami shop were... badly informed to say it in a nice way. I was already sad when I arrived first at the shop, only to notice that they DID NOT sell Hidden Arsenal 7 (boooooo!). And their pricing was way off (a full booster box is not the booster price x the number of boosters, idiots). Nobody pays 96€ for a box. At least I got a cheap box of Battle Packs, due to a miscalculation on their behalf (lol).

The rewarded boosters were Cosmo Blazer (I was not allowed to trade for Return of the Duelist), with very little good draws (a secret Abyssleed was the only thing worth more than 2€ in there).

But you know what the general consensus was? Last YCS, it was "We need more Belgian judges!" This time around it was:

That's it for now. More details on the YCS itself will follow. Next week I'm getting a box of HA7, from a shop that knows how to price a box correctly. Maybe I'll open it on camera for you guys (who knows). Until then, V out.

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