18 February 2014

Cards to look forward to in Primal Origins Pt. 2 - Spells, Traps, OCG promos and thoughts in general

Let's continue where we left off previously, with Spells and Traps to look forward to.

D: Spells

  • Rank-up Magic - The Seventh One: I wanted a good Rank-up Magic card. And this is a good one, even if it is restricted to 7 cards and restricted to once per duel. And with a few very good cards in that limit (S.H.Ark, Ragna Zero, Giant Hand & Tachyon Dragon), this will be the first RUM card that might be used in real life (if your extra deck has the space for it).
  • Don Thousand's Throne: Easier to play around than RUM-The Seventh one, but still a nasty effect. Each time you take damage, you gain 500 lifepoints during your opponents end phase (it's obviously nerfed from the broken anime effect) and if a Numbers monster is attacked, you can send this to the grave and special summon its chaos number counterpart (and attach the target as material).
  • Artifact Movement: How to replace MST? Well, this is a frigging good try. It basically does the same, but it also sets an Artiface monster from your deck to the backrow (only if destruction is successful) and if this card gets destroyed by your opponent, he skips his next battle phase. Lol, what?
  • Forbidden Tome: Hate those Forbidden lances/dresses that manipulate attack power? Use this card to negate all other card effects on the field (until the end of the damage step). When timed correctly, you can keep your powerhouses alive.

E: Traps

  • Discord Sector: Simple effect, yet so devastating. Neither player can special summon a monster with the same level or rank as a monstery they control. Very devastating for spam-Xyz decks. Very good for synchro style decks and monsters that manipulate their level (like the symphonic warriors as depicted in the art).
  • One outta three: Declare one of the current extra deck cards (Fusion, Synchro or Xyz). Reveal both extra decks and the one who has the most of declared type gains 3000 lifepoints. Fo real? This is like an instant 3000-9000LP boost for hero decks, or for pure synchro decks. "I play 8 fusion monsters, you two? Cool, now I gain 3000/6000/9000 LP."

F: Crying out loud for OCG Exclusives

I still dislike the idea of extra OCG World Premiere cards. The OCG already has so many promo cards, so why add even more exclusives? Yeah, I heard the TCG World Premiere card argument, but the percentage of good cards in that 10-card pool is the same percentage of good cards in the OCG promo cards. There are a few, but not that many. While on the other hand, have you seen these 10 new cards?

Gagaga sister strengthens the OTK potential of the Gagaga OTK deck. Gogogo Goliath boosts the Rock Zombie deck bigtime. Dododo Draw is a great draw card (for an otherwise bad archetype). Galaxy-Eyes Cloud Dragon, Galaxy Soldier, Photon Stream of Destruction and Tachyon Transmigration all boost the Galaxy archetype greatly. And lastly, Battlin Boxer Shadow, Nova Caesar and Jolt Counter are amazing additions to the Battlin' Boxer Archetype (this IS the next fun-deck that becomes competitive after Chronomaly!).

It's these kind of cards that make fun budget decks competitive all of a sudden! And that's what makes so many people angry in the TCG. There are many people who play fun/budget decks and long for these kind of cards.

And while we obviously will get these cards over time (hopefully those Korean exclusives as well?), the question just remains: How and When? Will we get them before the next World Championship? Or are we going to have to wait a full year (thus November or so)?

Thoughts on the set in general

By Ra, this set is frigging amazing. Archetypes like Bujin, Ghostrick and Sylvan get amazing support. And everyone I spoke to in the last weekend has at least one card to look forward to from older archetypes. And then there's the new Artifact archetype that makes random MSTs a bad choice all of a sudden.

On a side-note, the TCG will receive this set in May. But to pass the time between Legacy and Primal Origins, Konami releases some other stuff (more than in other years).

  • We already saw the Cyber Dragon structure in the beginning of this month.
  • This week, we'll see Star Pack 2014 (with another reprint for Cardcar D and who knows what else).
  • March 6-7 will see the release of the Deluxe version of Legacy.
  • March 27-28 will see the release of Premium Gold (the King of Bling); a set filled to the brim with gold cards and 29 new cards!
  • April 24-25 will see the release of "Dragons of Legacy", with 49 NEW cards, including LOTS of World Premiere cards (okay yes, that does compensate for the OCG world premiere cards). Several cards (both "meh" and amazing cards) have been revealed, many more will follow in the coming weeks.

And on further news, a new TCG structure deck with a GX-theme (*cough*lightsworn*cough*) will be released in June and July will see another installment of the Battle Pack (cool).

And in OCG, much news is being spoiled (3rd week of the month = V-Jump time) on the upcoming OCG booster, the anime and pendulum summoning. More on that in the following days/weeks.

That's it for now, V out.

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