4 February 2014

Cyber Dragon SD, manga/Jump Promo, Legacy deluxe Edition and other Yugi-news

Lots of Yugioh-related product updates in the past few days, so let's recap it for you!

Cyber Dragon Structure Deck Content revealed

The Cyber Dragon Structure Deck is coming out this Thursday (non-US TCG) or Friday (US), so it was kind of obvious that the content would become leaked this week.

And so it did. Only 2 changes compared to its OCG counterpart, but what for changes. Heavy Storm and Transmodify are removed from the set and Machina Armored Unit plus Light of Redemption are added instead.

Glad for the removal of the forbidden Storm, but Transmodify being removed is a sad thing (though kind of expected, considering Lolkonami). Transmodify is still one of the money cards from Judgment of the Light (even though the only competitive deck that uses it is Infernity).

But look at it from the bright side: Another common reprint of Dimensional Prison, Trap Stun and Super Polymerization. Budget players will be pleased.

For the full content, see the Wiki page.

Nope! You won't see this one in this structure deck!"

Next manga/Jump Promo revealed

Last week (or so), the card effects of the next manga promo's were revealed.

  • The next Zexal Manga (volume 6) promo will be Number 52 Diamond Crab King. Its effect is kind of meh. It's a possible 3000 beat stick that can place itself to defense position after it attacks (and then becomes a 3000 defense wall). But with all the effect negation, this card might as well be a 0-attack attack target.
  • The next 5D's Manga (volume 7) promo will be Moon Flower Dragon - Black Rose (the manga counterpart of Black Rose Dragon). This card is a little more interesting. "When this card is Special Summoned OR when a Level 5 or higher monster is Special Summoned to your opponent's side of the field: Target 1 Special Summoned monster your opponent controls; return that target to the hand. You can only use the effect of "Moon Flower Dragon - Black Rose" once per turn.".
    So instead of blowing everything to smithereens like its anime counterpart, this is a bouncy dragon. Interesting against synchro decks; less interesting when facing XYZ based decks, though.
  • Also, the next OCG V-Jump Promo's effect is revealed. It was already revealed to be a (legal) Dark Magician xyz (Dark Magician of Illusions). Now it's effect has been (partially) revealed. It's a rank 7 xyz, requiring 2 Spellcasters. By detaching an Xyz material, you can special summon a vanilla Spellcaster from your hand or deck. Also, when a Vanilla Spellcaster declares an attack, you can banish an opponent's monster. It's been clearly restricted to prevent abuse by Prophecies/DRulers, but now it's kind of a "meh" effect.
  • And (last but not least) for the TCG, the next Jump Promo is revealed. It's the long awaited Alternate Art of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, with original art by Kazuki Takashi. Some like it, others find it a waste of promo. I personally don't mind.

Nice new promo card artworks

First reveals for Premium Gold and Dragons of Legend

Last weekend Konami was at the International Toy Fair in Nurnburg (Germany) and a picture was taken of their upcoming products, including the next Gold Series and that highly speculated set, Dragons of Legend.

Not much on the Gold Series, safe the given name of the set (King of Bling, LMAO) and the fact it would once more contain the Egyptian Gods. People who are hoping for a shiny gold Quasar reprint, prepare a shot (#Quasarwaitinggame).

The Dragons of Legend has people hoping for the 3 Dragons from the "Waking the Dragons" story arc to see a legal print. And the cover of the booster really gets people revved up. It's nothing less than Dark Magician Girl, the Dragon Knight (seriously?).

How Konami is going to integrate these three dragons (Timaeus, Critias, and Hermos) in the game while they were only used as fusion material monster (with monsters, spells and traps none the less), I have NO clue. But I guess we'll see as more details are revealed.

Note: For people thinking Shooting Quasar Dragon is also a "Dragon of Legend", prepare a shot (#Quasarwaitinggame).

"Woo, I'll be a REAL Dragon Rider soon!"

Legacy of the Valiant Deluxe Edition

In a month, the Deluxe Edition of Legacy of the Valiant will be released. One box will be with Evilswarm monsters; the other will have Gravekeeper artworks.

And last week, a (blurry) picture was leaked that showed the foil cards inlcuded:

  • From Legacy: Sylvan Peaskeeper & Ghostrick Jackfrost (good choices!)
  • From Primal Origin: Sylvan Sproutcolyte and Bujin Decisive Battle (I dunno? They don't seem too good to me?).


  • No updates on Star Pack 2014, but considering its predecessor, it's better not to get your hopes up (no, certainly not Quasar. Though, if you still think so, prepare a shot (#Quasarwaitinggame)).
  • Astral Pack Four has been announced to be released this month. no clue about its content or its exact release date as of yet. But if I can predict a few card: any card that has a text that can be reworded into "Excavate". And who knows, another foil Lonefire Blossom? Or Quasar (lol, as if). You know the drill by now, right? (#Quasarwaitinggame).
  • And in a few weeks, Primal Origin will be released in the OCG (our May booster). Right now, about half of the set has been revealed; with the other half (and the frigging OCG World Premiere Cards) still left.

For those that didn't knew yet: The Quasar Waiting Game:
For each possible reprint that did NOT happen, take a shot.


I'm still busy with my post about the YCS last weekend (are there any more posted decklists, safe those of ProWinston?). But you can still expect one this week.

Until next time, V out.

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