23 February 2014

Ruling updates in Astral Pack 4

Astral pack 4 has been out for a week. So now that we have some decent English pictures, it's time to compare and see if there are any important updates to the cards included in this pack, or if it's just to bling out some decks (*cough*spellbooks*cough*FireFists*cough*).

New Old Cards

As with each Astral Pack, this set also has a few old cards that need a first print. In this set that's the Vanilla Monster Wings of Wicked Flame, and its fusion monster Mavelus. The interesting here is Mavelus, since it's an Instant Fusion target and a Lv 4 Wind Winged Beast (Nice for Harpie decks and good to bring out Lightning Chidori).

Clarification on Tytannial, Princess of Camelias

This is the first PSCT reprint for the first Flower Princess, so it required a little update. First, the clarification that the controller can use her effect in both player's turns (was already like that, but wasn't that clear before).

Second change: The destruction effect will only occur if the card effect negation is successful.

More Clarification on Black Garden

Black Garden is such a troll card, but can be confusing to players who never encountered the card before. A few clarifications were added due to PSCT and possible protection effects on plant monsters.

First clarification is that the attack halving is permanent, even if Black Garden leaves the field./p>

Most important fix! You can destroy all plant monsters on the field and special summon a monster from your grave... whose attack equals the attack of all plant monsters that ARE EFFECTIVELY DESTROYED by this effect. If a Plant Monster was "requested" to be destroyed, but was saved in the resolving (for example, by the effect of Master key Beetle), that monster's attack DOES NOT COUNT.

Reasoning now allows Ghostrick monsters

Next to the "Excavate" effect of Reasoning, a small, but important addition has been made to the effect. After the opponent declares a level and you excavate cards, you can stop if you encounter a card that can be normal summoned... OR SET! Then you can special summon that card.

That means that Reasoning now works with the Ghostrick Cards, who cannot be normal summoned unless you control a Ghostrick monster. But since they can still be set (and special summoned), Reasoning works in this deck.

Reveal becomes Excavate

A lot of people were able to guess several of the cards in this set, purely due to the new "excavate" term. Such examples are:

Magical Merchant, Morphing Jar 2, Ma'At, Reasoning and Archfiend's Oath.

The less important stuff

  • Bling reprints: Necrovalley (ultimate), Maxx "C" (Ultimate), Dandylion (Ultimate), Crimson Blader (Super), Swift Scarecrow (Super), Spellbook of Eternity (Super), Fire Formation Tensu (Super), Soul Drain (Super)
  • Unblinged: Fossil Dyna Pachypello (first common print)
  • First PSCT print: Break! Draw & Consecrated Light, Blackwing Kalut, Blackwing Gale, Scrap Beast, Scrapstorm, Lonefire Blossom (finally!)
  • Fixing the first PSCT's "face-up" issues: Spellbook of Wisdom.


So, these are the most important fixes (if any) from Astral Pack 4.

That's it for now. V out.

Update 24/2: Added the images for comparison. Left if previous print; right is Astral Pack 4 version.

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