12 February 2014

YCS Atlanta - The Top with a twist

Here's my post about YCS Atlanta. Work Project deadline and searching for decklists pushed this a bit back longer than expected, but it's still here.

For those that didn't hear it, this YCS was a YCS with a twist. The Top 16 was to duke it out in sealed play (Battle Pack 2). Due to this, the posted decklists were only used up to the top-32 cutoff.

As you might have noticed, I'm a fan of sealed play, so I like this twist ending.


As per usual, here's a list of the top 32 with decklists (22/32 found):

Note: Hoban's list is spoiled on Dgz, but not confirmed. Though he didn't say it was wrong either. :-P

NamePlaceSwiss DeckSwiss Decklist
Christian Georges1stFire FistDuelistgroundz
David Gancedo2ndFire FistYoutube - FloridaTCGMovement
Steven Veit-QuilesTop 4Fire FistYoutube - TheTeamAviator
Jesse ChoateTop 4GeargiaDuelistgroundz
Joseph BogliTop 8Fire FistYoutube - Prowinston
Yicheng LiTop 8ProphecyYoutube - averylr32
Bryan TranTop 8MermailN.A.
Stephen SilvermanTop 8ProphecyYoutube - Mkohl40
Alexis PinedoTop 16GeargiaN.A.
Patrick Hobantop 16Mermailspoiled on DuelistGroundz
Sehabi KheireddineTop 16InfernityYoutube - Prowinston
Adrian ShakirTop 16ProphecyYoutube - Prowinston
Cameron NealTop 16Fire FistN.A.
Jonathon RitzauTop 16Fire FistN.A.
Stephen MercierTop 16BujinYoutube - Prowinston
Tha VangTop 32GeargiaN.A.
Tahmid ZamanTop 32HieraticsYoutube - Prowinston
Alessandro DonatoTop 32GeargiaN.A.
Bohdan TemnykTop 32Fire FistsDuelistgroundz
Christopher LeblancTop 32HieraticYoutube - Prowinston
Pedro ParrenoTop 32GeargiaYoutube - Prowinston
Joseph ChouTop 32Fire FistDuelistgroundz
Jeffrey La BeachTop 32Dark WorldYoutube - Prowinston
Tyler PoeTop 32Fire FistN.A.
Da LeeTop 32LightswornN.A.
Jacob FeigenheimerTop 32BujinN.A.
Philip StabileTop 32Fire FistYoutube - Mikkivlogs
Garrett ByrdTop 32GeargiaYoutube - Prowinston
Souvick KarTop 32EvilswarmYoutube - Prowinston
Jordan WintersTop 32Fire FistN.A.
Ali YassineTop 32HieraticsYoutube - Prowinston
Kevin HalliganTop 32ProphecyYoutube - Prowinston

PS: If you notice a link not working, let me know and I'll fix it.

And 1 week later... ARG Charlotte

One week after YCS Atlanta was ARG Open in Charlotte, which Patrick Hoban won with his usual Mermail Deck.

The good thing about these ARG Open's is that the decklists are fully available (no need to search for hours straight). For the decklists, see ARG's site

Some thoughts

So Fire Fists still reign supreme. More people are playing Geargia's and the Hieratic Druler deck. And Hoban is about the only one that can still top with Mermails (safe Bryan Tran, but who knows what decklist he has).

And is it just me, or has the Fire Fist deck been reduced to a deck with 10-12 monsters, with about 30 spells and traps? The only cards I see is 3 Bears, 3 Wolfbarks and a Gorilla. This added with some Cardcar d's, Veilers and sometimes a Rai-oh. It starts to look more and more like the HERO decks from back in the days.

I could also make a section about the cards from the last set that are used here, but safe the Bujin support (Arasuda, Hare and Tsukuyomi) in the topping Bujin decks, the only relevant cards from the last set are S.H.Ark, Exciton Knight and Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree. Oh, and an occasional Shared Ride in the side.

That's it for the moment. V out.

On a side-note: Primal Origins is apparantly being spoiled. Some interesting cards and once more crying for the OCG exclusives that are very good (a Burning Knuckler & Gogogo Numbers Xyz). I'll give my usual review when the set is fully revealed.

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  1. Hobans list is the right one. he said it in a arg article posted yesterday I think