25 February 2014

YCS Berlin - Alpay Engin wins with Mermails

Wow, this YCS kind of went under-the-radar for me. Totally missed the judge calls and there were hardly any big announcements made for it (only the Giant Cards and that's kind of "meh" in my eyes).

So as you might have guessed, I wasn't at YCS Berlin (I was at a Regional Qualifier, for shits and giggles mostly). But 1204 other people were present in Berlin (German YCS's always have over 1000 people attending as it appears).

I won't spend too much time talking about it. The coverage can be seen on the Konami coverage webpages.

Top 32 - Decks used and decklists (if available)

Note: The decknames in bold are links to the respective deck list.

  • Alpay Engin (1st) - Mermail
  • Besnik Kajtazi (2nd) - Mermail
  • Matthew Mills (top 4) - Fire Fist
  • Aris Samaras (top 4) - Geargia Karakuri
  • Mattia Graziuso (top 8) - Fire Fist
  • Luigi Alici (top 8) - Fire Fist
  • Ole Wegner (top 8) - Hieratic D.Rulers
  • Björn C. Schulze (top 8) - Chain Burn
  • Nico Tummler (top 16) - Unknown?
  • Florian Hofmann (top 16) - Chain Burn
  • Joshua Schmidt (top 16) - Mermail
  • Dilan Demongeot (top 16) - Mermail
  • Eric Fehr (top 16) - Fire Fist
  • Stefano Memoli (top 16) - Mermail
  • Benjamin Lin (top 16) - Infernity
  • Andrea Giacobone (top 16) - Hieratic D. Ruler
  • Anthony Tutu (top 32) - Mermail
  • Carl Manigat (top 32) - Hieratic D.Ruler
  • Marcel Burri (top 32) - Fire Fist
  • Max Hanuschik (top 32) - Infernity
  • Kim Just Jensen (top 32) - Mermail
  • Baran Tekin (top 32) - Fire Fist
  • Federico Zoppini (top 32) - Fire Fist
  • Oliver König (top 32) - Fire Fist
  • Emre Kizilates (top 32) - Evilswarm
  • Kimonas Tsitsiridis (top 32) - Inzektors
  • Michael Ciplak (top 32) - Fire Kings
  • Merlin Schumacher (top 32) - Fire Kings
  • Tom Tubbax (top 32) - Fire Fist
  • Giorgio Gallo (top 32) - Unknown?
  • Eugen Heidt (top 32) - Unknown?
  • Niels Kühnberger (top 32) - Fire Fist

Note: 16/32 are available at the moment. Language barriers and a lack of European "yugitubers" that do deck profiles (Lithium and Duelrock88 are about the only ones) cause this low amount. Any decklists, fixes (or the name of those three missing decks) is always welcome in the comments.

More decklists will be added if I find them (or when provided).

My opinion

Well, with all those recent tops and victories, Alpay Engin appears to be thé European Yu-Gi-Oh star to beat! And Mermails is still one of the best decks of the format (as Goblin Hoban has proven in the US).

It surprised me a little that two Chain Burn decks were able top make top 16 (yeah, that chain burn deck that everybody hates). But then again; this is a good format for Chain Burn and Germans are known to like Chain Burn more than other countries (reference: See last year's German Nationals).

For the rest, it is known that Mermail and Fire Fist are thé decks of this format and thus will get hit at the end of March. Hits on Abyss-Sphere and Abyssteus (similar to the OCG) seem very real at this point and Tenki... never should've returned to three.

Future European Events

Information on all future European events is... on hold. And this is very weird, considering Konami-EU is usually very open about it (and very fast).

We know there's supposed to be one more European YCS before the nationals season start in May (but where or when?).

Neither do we know when the nationals are being held (though I suspect that information should come in very soon). And we still don't have much information on the European Championship (only that it's going to be in Amsterdam - Netherlands).

And that while there's lots of information on the upcoming US events and NA Qualifier. This reverse situation (compared to all previous years) is very weird and makes me wonder what's going on in the KDE-EU office.

Well, that's enough from me now. Until later, V out.

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