24 July 2012

How to beat a field full of dragons

Consider one of the following situations:
  • Your opponent has a field with 2 Gaia Dragons (overlayed from Atum), an unused Hieratic Dragon King of Atum (or some other dragon) and 2 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragons with 0 attack/defense.
  • Your opponent has a field with 2 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragons and a few chaos dragons (while playing with dragons).

Seems pretty hopeless, huh? Yeah, a top decked card like Dark Hole and Black luster Soldier might get you out of this bind. But try thinking outside of the box. Try to look at cards that other players use… For example: HERO players.

Yup, the card I’m talking about is Super Polymerization.

Super Polymerization?

I hear you coming… isn't this a HERO-exclusive card? The answer is… NO. You can fuse ANY fusion monster you want, as long as the necessary fusion material monsters are on (either side of) the field and as long as you discard 1 card. 

You all know how powerful Super Poly is. It’s one of the few cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! that you can NOT counter.

How frequent could you activate it? Well, both Chaos Dragons and Hieratic Dragons have the tendency to spam the field with boss monsters, so more frequent than you think!

The best thing is, when you’re a dragon player yourself, you don’t even need to change that extra deck. The target fusion monster is already in there!

How it works – Vs. Hieratics

Hieratic dragons have the tendency to overextend to OTK you. When they do their loop (Atum - REDMD - Atum - REDMD - any dragon), they leave themselves very vulnerable to Super Poly.

Take that moment, just before your opponent overlays those two REDMD’s into Gustaph Max, to activate Super Polymerization, tribute your opponents 5 dragons and have a gigantic boss monster as a prize.

How it works – Vs. Chaos Dragons

This kind of “bullying” is harder to pull off against Chaos Dragons, but it can work wonders in Chaos Dragon mirror matches. If your opponent has 3 or more Dragons on his side of the field, you can have 1 or 2 (depending on how many your opponent has) dragons enter the field and activate this card. The plus on this is that your opponent’s Lightpulsar Dragon will miss the timing. In this case, make sure you don’t use LPD yourself (unless you’re out of options), because your LPD will miss timing as well.

So, the next time somebody tells you Konami should make Five-Headed dragon forbidden (instead of Future Fusion), tell them they shouldn't, because you can use that very fusion monster against dragon players.

Of course, this is just one possible counter against Chaos/Hieratic Dragons. But this one proves that you should not limit yourself to the generally known counters (like Electric Virus, Victoria, Soul Taker, ...). When you think outside of the box, you might just find an original answer to your problem.

Until next time

V out.

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