9 July 2012

Wind-up wins European Championship Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yeah, you hear it correctly. After Wind-ups have won the North-American Championship, they also win the European Championship.

Stefano Memoli (Italy) has taken the victory from Chaos Dragons. Congratulations to him.

Stefano might not sound unfamiliar, as he's also been one of the European representatives in 2010. Let’s hope this experience works out for him.

Great coverage, as usual

Thanks to the great coverage (as usual) of the European coverage team, we know pretty much everything we needed to know, like:

Us, Belgians

And how did the Belgians do?... Yeah, not that great, huh. Most known names gave up after 6 or 7 rounds (including known names as Max, Kim and Sebastien).

The Belgian that got the highest rank was Michael Languedoc, who got a respectable 108th place. Still too low to get a top-64 spot.

Wind-ups on the rise

But the most important thing is… Wind-ups won again. After everyone dissed them a few months ago in favor of Chaos Dragons, they’ve come back with a vengeance. Wind-up and their ability to pick apart the opponent’s hand is something to be feared, after all.

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