31 July 2012

Banlist Requests Analysis day 1 - Banging my head against the wall

Yeah, you heard it right.

As I said in previous post, I'm trying to do something big with all the banlist predictions out there. I'm trying to make a list of the people. The wish of all the players out there. I thought I would be able to do so, as I've seen several lists on my linked blogs and I had to say most of them were either good or up for debate.

I've screened most of the blogs today and gathered every list I saw. Then I watched the predictions from the Alter Reality Games and then I started banging my head against the wall.

The lists of Billy Brake & Vexacus4666 are the easier ones to digest. Even the first one (of Paul) I can get... somehow. But the lists of Joe Giorlando & his copy-cat Patrick Hoban are just flailing wildly at every tier deck there is.

Joe explains that this list is his "ideal" list, not what he thinks Konami's going to do (As if Konami would ever hit that many cards). But when he starts explaining, he's going the wrong way.

  • First he gives off an explanation why every good card in the current top decks should either be forbidden, limited or semi-limited. (so far I get it, this is his ideal list).
  • He then explains why cards like Deep see Diva & Genex Undine are on his limited list, because of the upcoming structure deck & the Water Support in Abyss Rising.(I get that these two cards can make crazy combo's with the new water support, but it feels like overkill to me).
  • And then he puts Tribe-infecting Virus at 3, because he says (and I quote) "This card really isn’t very good".
  • And to top it off, His copy-cat (Patrick Hoban) goes along with him in his own article and says (I quote again): "the reality is Tribe Infecting Virus sucks"

Why returning Tribe-infecting Virus to the game is a BAD idea

Tribe-Infecting VirusAtlantean Dragon Riders (TCG name pending)
This card allows you to destroy monsters of 1 type, at the cost of 1 card in your hand. When this card is sent to the grave to activate the effect of a WATER monster, add 1 Sea Serpent (except this one) from your deck to your hand.
  1. Normal Summon Tribe-Infecting Virus
  2. Discard Atlantean Dragon Riders to activate the effect of Virus. Declare the type of monsters you want to get rid of (machines/insects/dragons).
  3. Your opponent's monsters of the selected type are destroyed
  4. You can search ANY Sea Serpent of ANY level (except Dragon Riders) from your deck to your hand as a bonus.
  5. Congractulations! You just got yourself a costless mass destruction!
  6. If your opponent has more face-up monsters and you have another Dragon Riders, you can repeat the previous steps, as Virus' effect doesn't have that "once per turn" part.


Yeah, putting Diva and Undine at 1, but returning this bad boy to 3 is not going to help balancing the game... That's just filling one pit by making another pit.

I just find it very frustrating that a paid writer with some credentials (I guess) clearly knows what's coming, makes an ideal banlist that would make the game fair and then just stupidly puts a forbidden card (that combo's with one of those upcoming cards) back at three, just because he thinks it's bad. If you're going to say controversial things, at least do some research to back up what you're trying to prove...

Let's just say that those two articles put a cross over me enjoying the creation of a banlist of the people today.

Let's hope I can read some better lists tomorrow.

V out.


  1. Tch, I read that and I seriously want to kill this fucker for ever bringing up TIV back from the forbidden list.

  2. Not just back. They wanted to bring it back from forbidden to unlimited. It's just crazy talk.

    The more you think about it, the more this card would be abused in just about every deck in existence. In comparison, Snipe Hunter would go cry in a corner.

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  4. Man I love this post.

    All those ARG people traveled back in time and are now stuck in the goat format, so they forget about the one we have. haha

    unfortunately, I can see Konami limiting TIV, so they make more profit out of the sturcutures.

    "the reality is Patrick Hoban sucks". haha

  5. I can see it happening as well. If Konami's going to force us to buy the upcoming booster/structure deck, they might as well bring this back, to give it an extra (unnecessary) boost. :-S