6 July 2012

Predictions for the Forbidden & limited list for September 2012

Look at the time of the year. It’s July, so it’s time for the September F&L predictions (you know, the banlist that we shouldn’t call a banlist anymore).
Keeping in mind that Inzektors, Rabbit-type decks and Chaos Dragons / Hieratic Dragons are the most popular decks right now; and keeping in mind that Konami only hits things they’re not planning to profit from in the next six months; this is the F&L list I have in mind


  • Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier: Brionac is a key card in many FTK and OTK ever since this card was first introduced. It’s also known that getting this card on the field may give you the win. We also know that Konami is trying to get rid of all broken cards of the past (like Goyo and Trishula in previous lists), so I guess this card is an easy pick to become forbidden.
  • Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning: Konami experimented with this card through priority loss, then through hitting T.G. Agents. But it keeps popping up too frequently to be good. I love this card, but it’s better if it becomes forbidden again.
  • Monster Reborn: Honestly, do we even need to explain why? The card is broken and wins games by itself. Also, the lack of a reprint with the new problem-solving text ever since it came off the forbidden list, hints that it’s not going to stay.
  • Mind Control: Ever since synchro’s came out, this card has become a costless brain control. The XYZ appearing only helped its popularity. This card needs to go.
Oh Black Luster Soldier, no-one must ever know of our forbidden love.

Limited to 1:

  • Inzektor Dragonfly: This card defines how bad Konami makes their cards. Each time an equipped inzektor card is sent to the graveyard, you can spam the field? With cards like giga-mantis & Zektkalibur, who cares about it once-per-turn restriction on equipping? Getting this card on the field starts every Inzektor loop. This card needs a limit, literally.
  • Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon: Forget Future Fusion. THIS is the heart and soul of every dragon deck out there. Future fusion may be the ideal “dump everything to the graveyard” card, but with limited access to this card, dragon players have to play more conservative. Once this dragon is banished, both Chaos Dragons and Hieratic have limited outs. And don’t forget… with access to only 1 REDMD, that rank 10 mechanical phallus (as LFN put it so nicely) is nearly impossible to summon.
  • Leviair the Sea Dragon: Part of the “dragons that aren’t dragons” group. Most people use 1 only. Those that use 2 only abuse its effect to bring the bunny back to the field. This is an easy way to hit rabbit decks without beating the rabbit too much.


  • Inzektor Hornet: The ultimate destroyer should take a hit too. Less of this card means less destruction. It doesn’t mean less effect triggering, as Hopper and ladybug are great too!
  • Rescue Rabbit: Putting the rabbit at 1 would kill the rabbit-type deck, but at 2 it’s still playable. If the rabbit keeps causing trouble, it can still get limited in March ‘13.
  • Mezuki: It’s a statement I’ve been making for a while now. Zombies are dead right now (bad joke, I know). The last few zombie cards that have been printed are mediocre to plain bad (even pain painter isn’t all that great), so they need a boost. Mezuki to 2 would increase its popularity again. But honestly… Zombies need a (good) XYZ monster.
  • Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind: Of all my picks, probably the most controversial choice. Blackwing have been hit enough, we know it. Gale is a powerful card with its special summon ability and its effect to halve attack power. But synchro's have a declined usage and Gale by itself is only 1300 attack. Not to mention, I'd rather see this card coming back than Kalut or Black Whirlwind.
Don’t ban me, please :3
I’m too cute to be forbidden.


  • Archlord Kristya: Remember they semi-limited this card last September? What did it cause? A bunch of laughter, that’s what. Hardly anyone played triple Kristya (too much dead weight). Since Agents see less play, this can come back at 3.
  • Summoner Monk: This card’s effect was why it was put at 1. This card’s cost is why it’s back at 2. But even with XYZ and Ultimate Offering Gadgets, I hardly see people playing this card (let alone twice), because discarding spell cards remains a high cost, especially with Effect Veiler around.
  • Level Limit – Area B: Returned to semi-limited previous season. XYZ bypass this card just as easy as Gravity Bind. It is more annoying for non-xyz monsters, though, so I guess that’s the reason why it’s still not unlimited yet. But give it a shot. We’ll see what happens.
  • Swords of Revealing Light: People were hardly playing it at 1, its use didn’t increase when returned at 2 and its use is probably not going to increase at 3.
  • Primal Seed: Only if BLS-EOTB is forbidden, of course.
So as I pray… unlimited Swords works.

Things that should get hit/return, but probably won’t :

According to me, the following cards should be limited or forbidden. But I don’t think Konami’s going to touch them :
  • Premature Burial – limited (with Monster Reborn & Brionac forbidden): In my eyes, Premature Burial is less good than Monster Reborn. It has a (small) cost, is limited to your own graveyard and forces your monster in attack position. Edit: Okay, I had it explained. But if Brionac & MR become forbidden, then this guy can get off the list. Less bouncing back means less abuse.
  • Future Fusion – forbidden: The instant win card for chaos dragons, but a key card in other decks that use fusions. Konami’s held back on banning this card. I would be happy if they did, though.
  • Limiter Removal – forbidden: The infamous OTK card for Machine decks. If your opponent does not have a Gorz or Battle Fader in his hand, this card means instant OTK. This card is broken as hell, but won’t get touched, as Konami’s trying to sell their Geargia’s.
  • Wind-up Carrier Zenmaity to 1: I feel Zenmaity and/or Hunter should be limited in usage, to limit the amount of cards they can discard from the hand. But we have to admit: The only victory Wind-ups have achieved was the Nord-American WCQ, because people forgot to put Veilers and Maxx-C’s in their (side)-decks (*facepalm*). In OCG it’s doing nothing at all. Also, TCG has certain “world premiere cards” like Rabbit & Shark, that Japan is getting in their Extra Pack 5 in September. Konami’s not going to cut their own veins and hit Wind-ups.
  • Spore return to 1/3: Plants are dead and synchro monsters have a declined usage. Glow-up Bulb and Trishula were bigger problem cards than Spore. Bring this card back already; I don’t care at what limitation. But seeing Kevin Tewart gave so much effort into explaining why this card and bulb are banned, I don’t think they’re going to return it to us this fast.
  • Sangan - forbidden: Rather than Tour Guide, I would like to see this card banned. It’s a generic searcher. It gets nearly everything to your hand (Rescue Rabbit, Wind-up Rat, Inzektor Dragonfly / Hornet, Effect Veiler…). But Konami’s been holding back on this one for ages, so I don’t see why they would hit it this time.
  • Number 6: Chronomaly Atlanto, aka OOPArts Atlanthal - limited: What was Konami smoking when creating this card? Yes, I know; they’ve limited its use a little (target 1 numbers card, that numbers has to be sent to the grave together with 1 xyz material, no battle phase, blablabla), so that FTK is very hard to achieve. But still, this card is bad news for the game. Why won’t they hit it? It has a planned release in august in TCG. Would be weird if they hit it now.

Final thoughts

If you’re not playing at an upcoming YCS, or at a World Chamionship Qualifier or the World Championship itself, start selling your inzektors while they’re still worth something and start buying Wind-ups while they’re getting cheaper.
Because unless Abyss Rising has a broken archetype, or Return of the Duelist holds the next broken TCG world premiere card, Wind-ups will (most probably) be the winner of the September 2012 Forbidden & Limited list.
Until next time,
V out.

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