5 July 2012

YCS Sheffield = battle pack YCS

When I returned from Werchter, I noticed a few updates on Yu-Gi-Oh! news.

the tins got their product page (if you didn't get the newsflash, both tins include Wind-up Zenmaines) and the product page of Return of the Duelist appeared.

Another thing that got announced were 2 new European YCS's. YCS Sheffield (weekend of September 8) and YCS Barcelona (weekend of december 1st).

Considering the low amount of YCS's Europe gets when compared to the US, I was quite happy to hear this.

But then I started reading the following :

So the main event of YCS Sheffield is going to be a Battle Pack tournament instead of the usual Advanced Format. Lol, what?

the people I spoke to at my locals could hardly believe what they heard or were simply angry because of this change. this isn't some local Pegasus League tournament or a side-event of a YCS, we're talking about the MAIN EVENT being Battle Pack Sealed.

YCS Toulouse had a little over 400 participants. Wanna bet this one ain't gonna get 200? Because, seriously, who is willing to pay hundreds of euro's for travel & stay to participate in a battle pack tournament?

Konami continues with the reassuring words:

This change does not mean that every YCS from now on will be Sealed Pack – YCS Barcelona will be again played in Advanced Constructed format. However, we do plan to host some of our future YCS events as Sealed Pack

Let's hope not.

V out.

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