13 July 2012

Konami's answer to crazy secret rare prices... reprint 'em faster!

If you haven't been following the Yu-Gi-Oh! news, there have been some revelations in the past week (all thanks to Konami being present at comic-con).

  • The wave 1 tins of this year hold secret rare cards like: Wind-up Zenmaines, Wind-up Rabbit, Evolzar Dolkka and... Evolzar Laggia, Scrap Dragon and Genex Neutron
  • Next to that there was the announcement of Legendary Collection 3, which holds reprints of former hard-to-get expensive Tournament Pack & Championship Pack cards... in the same rarity, together with foil versions of other great cards (Gravekeepers, staple spell & trap cards,...). Oh yeah... and a tournament legal version of the Seal of Orichalcos! (lol, what?)
  • The Wave 2 tin cover monsters appear to be Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo and Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis.
  • Abyss Rising will have a Special Edition, which is not the ususal habbit of Konami (ROTD will have a Special Edition, normally Abyss Rising wouldn't have one).  
These announced reprints of "recent" (< 1 year)  cards, that are either tournament level or simply high rarity (read: expensive), explains one thing... 
This is Konami's answer to the high prices that Secret Rare cards are getting. 
Konami is apparantly sick and tired of people paying >100$ for a secret rare card. But instead of changing the ratio of 8 secret rares per booster set, they're just reprinting them faster. The old rule they had of waiting 1 year for a reprint has been scratched off the board.

Budget players will cheer, as expensive tournament level cards (like Zenmaines) will be cheap dirt. Buyers/Sellers will go weep in a corner, because every card in their binder now has the chance of being reprinted after a few months.

I understand people who were trying to get money out of the game (and those that spent hundreds of dollars/euros on these cards) are angry at these announcements, but it's generally for the greater good. If Konami holds onto this principle, less people will be paying crazy prices for secret rare cards and the overal price of high-tier decks will drop. 

We'll see what happens in the future
V out.

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