3 August 2012

Banlist RQ analysis Day 4+5: Near done & Beware the fake banlists

After analyzing multiple blogs, youtube channels and forums for possible banlist predictions, I've filled a list with 91 users and their choices/requests/predictions for the upcoming banlist.

Tonight (or tomorrow), I'll round it up at 100 lists and publish the results. Out of those results, I will post the wishlist of the people for the September 2012 format.

Some results may surprise, others will not. I mean, it will hardly surprise anyone to see cards like Future Fusion, Inzektor Dragonfly or Rescue Rabbit getting "top results" on this list.

Beware! The fake lists are coming

Yeah, since a few days, the first fake lists are appearing on the net. Don't let them fool you and take the following tips into account:

  • The official V-Jump with the official forbidden & limited list will be in Japanese shelves on August 21. Only in the week before that release, REAL leaked images may appear. So, basically: everything that pops up on the net before August 15 can be considered fake.
  • If the hits are too unrealistic, it's fake (cards like Change of Heart will never return).
  • If the lay-out/artwork of the page looks old, looks fitting with a previous Yu-Gi-Oh anime or looks too much like one of the previous F&L lists, it's fake.
  • If old manga or old cosplay characters appear on the page, it's fake. Only those from Zexal can appear (and even then it's not certain they will appear).
  • And never forget. Konami makes the rules, not us. No matter how weird the real list looks like, you'll have to deal with it.
  • However, if you do get your hands on that V-Jump early, take a picture of the list, together with the promo card + a picture of the V-Jump cover + the promo card, just to ensure you do have the real deal. FYI: the Promo card is Bahamut Shark, a rank 4 XYZ.

So, don't let some crazy list fool you and be patient. The list only goes into effect on September 1 anyway.

So until next time

V out.

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