1 August 2012

Banlist RQ Analysis Day 2+3: Smile, note, move on

The analysis of banlist predictions continues:

  • Checking all the Yugi-blogs: Done. I checked about 50 blogs, ignored those in other languages, though (spanish and Japanese aren't my thing).
  • Checking all (important) yugi-tubers: Ongoing
  • Checking AlterReality Games writers: Done (see previous blog post)
  • Checking TCGplayer Forum: Done (only members with more than 100 posts)
  • Checking Duelistgroundz forum: Ongoing (only found 1 or 2 real topics, weird)
  • Checking DuelingNetwork Forums: Ongoing
  • Checking Pojo Forums: Ongoing (only members with more than 500 posts)

And through scanning the lists, you sometimes see the strangest things. I've stopped being frustrated about lists. I simply smile at it, refuse to read/listen to the reasoning, note it down and move onward to the next list.

I've seen some strange things along the way:

  • Bringing forbidden cards back to 3 (see last blog post).
  • Bringing cards back at 3... that are already unlimited (yeah, Snipe Hunter and Nobleman of Crossout are already at three. No need to make them MORE unlimited).
  • Members clearly outing their frustration for a single deck (seriously, making Exodia or Final Countdown forbidden, because you don't like other win conditions than beating your opponent?).
  • People hitting "weird" cards instead of the problem cards (I've seen people limit Sabersaurus, for example).

So, instead of laughing at their personal opinions, I'll just note them down. It's the end result that counts anyway, single hits will be filtered out anyway.


  1. Yeah, I also realized that the way they put their version of the ban list is completely absurd based on anger, frustration, and fear, so I realized...what the fuck is the point of arguing with these bastards? I'd rather wait for the banlist scan with the bahamut promo to come out so might as well suffer until then.

  2. True. Better waiting patiently than arguing with stubborn idiots about how their hit makes no sense.