8 August 2012

Quick update - YCS Sheffield gets AMAZING support

You might've read it on Konami's official site, or somewhere on my blog. YCS Sheffield is a Battle Pack YCS instead of an Advanced Format YCS.
A lot of people have already refused to go, because of this.

Konami must've caught up on the news and is doing something really special for those that DO come:
  • A special YCS Sheffield playmat with Breaker, the Magical Warrior
  • A special Battle Pack Deck box
  • A new YCS Promo Card: Blood Mefist is no more. Meet Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry, a Rank 5 Machine XYZ

So, yeah, it might be worth the trouble after all, huh...
V out.
Edit: Hey, I hear PJ Tierney is the artist of the mat! Congratz to him, it looks amazing


  1. I'm also thinking of going there. I'm invited as judge but due travel expenses etc. I consider not going there. I also need to know if REDU is a good set or not since we are only getting displays as payment lol.

    But Breaker Mat lets me think about it

  2. REDU: Better than GAOV, since it introduces the next archetypes that will get decent support. Though, we'll still have to see what secrets will be in there.

    I'm going to have to see if it works out with work, since it'll take a day getting there and going back :-S
    And since I'm going to Japan in October I might just have to skip this :-S