29 August 2012

The weekend: Them Locals #2 & The Japan Plan #1

Them Locals

Last Saturday I went to one of the Locals I attend. The last tourney in the March ’11 format and the last time I could use my Chaos Dragon deck in full glory. Due to writing this a little late, several matches have become a little hazy. So instead of improvising the rest of the matches (which could contain a lot of wrong info), I’ll just give the short version of it.

  • Round 1: Vs Alexander (Blackwings): Lost due to amazingly bad opening hands.
  • Round 2: Vs Jason (Karakuri): Barely won. Amazingly bad opening hands again, but I was able to come back.
  • Round 3: Vs P-H (Six Sam): Won, because he has just as much bad luck in opening hands as me today.
  • Round 4: Vs Mathias (Nordics): Won, because Chaos Dragon can outsmart even gods.

End result: 4th place (bad tie-breaks).

Price: 2 ROTD boosters which gave me a jank holo (Great, another Noble Knight Gawayn). For some reason, all ROTD boosters gave me nothing interesting or jank holo’s (rebound, Super Robo Galaxy Destroyer and Advanced Dark).

Trading went better than the tournament. Got myself a High Priestess, Temperance, Ancient Sacred Wyvern, Number 11: Big Eye and some other trade bait.

The Japan Plan #1

On Sundays, I met up with my two comrades (anime geeks, like me) to further plan the upcoming trip to Japan. The flight tickets were already booked (October 13 to October 27th), but now we came together to book the J-Rail Pass and (more importantly) the Hotels/Hostels/Ryokans to sleep. So we had to come up with details on what cities we would travel to on which days. This is the result:

DayTo see
October 13Travel, the whole friggin' day (yeah, Japan is the other side of the world for me).
October 14Arrival in Narita - Travel to Tokyo (nothing too serious since we expect a jetlag)
October 15Tokyo
October 16Tokyo
October 17Tokyo
October 18Tokyo + Travel to Takayama
October 19Kamikochi
October 20Takayama + travel to Kamazawa
October 21Kamazawa + travel to Kyoto
October 22Kyoto - The Fire Festival
October 23Kyoto
October 24Kyoto (or Nara, still haven't decided which day)
October 25Kyoto (or Nara)
October 26Traveling back to Tokyo
October 27Travel homwards.

At the end of the evening, all necessary rooms were booked, safe the last day (still looking for a capsule hotel to stay at (one of my friends really wants to try that out).

Now the only thing left is filling our days with things to visit. We already have some sightseeing ideas and tips, but other tips are still welcome.

Until next time, V out.


  1. Oh how much you have paid for the trip?

  2. Total cost is unkown yet. But plane tickets (back and forth) were 660€, which was a nice deal.
    Total Hotel/Hostel bill is in my friend's hands. He still hase to send me the bill/person.