24 August 2012

New Format - Deck tests

It's been quite a while since I've done deck-experimenting. Last format, it was Chaos Dragons and that's it. Any other deck I made, failed the matchup vs inzektors, so I gave up quicly on them.

Since my Chaos Dragon deck got hit by the September F&L list, I'm doing a lot of deck tests, to see with which one I'm going to play until the next set comes out (at least).

But until that, I'm going to stop buying cards and test the decks first on DN.

Decks I'm testing right now:

  • Chaos Dragons post September: My deck choice of last format, with only 1 REDMD, 0 Future Fusion, 1 Chaos Sorcerer and 2 Tour Guides. Also, with Night Assailant and Foolish Burial.
  • Photon Lightray: A deck I've started last format, but I noticed it failed hard when facing Inzektors. So with Inzektors gone and a few new cards in the card pool, I'm giving this another try. Lightray Gearfried is still boss.
  • Piper Exodia: Yeah, you're hearing that correctly. Ever since Wan chan (or Where arf thou?) came out, I've seen potential in Piper Exodia. The card is an amazing search card for both Piper, Kinka-Byo and each Exodia Limb. And honestly, what is better than inconsistent draw power? Search power!
  • Prophecy mash-ups: I love spellcasters as a type, but finding a good build is harder than you think. Since pure Prophecy don't work, I'm trying out mash-ups with other spellcasters, like Lightsworn, Spell Counters and even Gravekeepers. So far, I've tested the results are fine, but the archetype really needs the cards from Abyss Rising to work (especially hanged man of Prophecy).
  • Ninja's: Since Tsukuyomi is coming back, I'm looking for a card she can abuse. I found an abuse target in Senior Silver Ninja. Each time he's flipped face-up, I can spam the field with Ninja's. Made a pre-test build, but still need to test this one.
  • Status: making a new build for: Chaos Control (curse you Konami) and Hieratic Agents (dunno if this will work, though).

Test results and decklists (when I agree with them) will follow...

Until next time, V out.


  1. Interesting, especially Hieratic Agents, I wanna see that lol xD

  2. Try Tele-heratics, with the normal dragon monster that is a level 1 tuner. It is fantastic