7 August 2012

Rebuilding Chaos Control + Them Locals #1

Previous week, I wanted something to vary from analyzing tons of banlist wishlists. So I’ve been rebuilding my old chaos control deck. I was getting a bit tired of Chaos Dragons (shit happens when you’ve reached a build you're happy with and when you’re awaiting a banlist).

Recipe for the new deck:

  1. let’s take the old deck.
  2. Take out the old special summons (Cyber Dragon) and replace them with new ones (Tefnuit) that can be searched (convocation).
  3. Add the staple cards from the Chaos Dragon deck that can be re-used.
  4. Add the Tele-engine to the deck (E-Teleport & Krebons).
  5. Flavour the build with cards from the past year (like Photon Thrasher) and random good ideas found on the net (thanks GQ for the idea of Void Ogre Dragon).
  6. Evaluate and remove cards that have become slow/don’t help with this new build (removed Gale, Guldfaxe, Summoner Monk,…).
  7. Test the end result.
  8. Look what cards end up clogging or are bad top decks (like Birdman), remove them for better cards.
  9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 until you’re happy.

So, I've build and re-shaped it until I got something I liked. And unlike the Chaos Dragon build (of which I was confident about from day 1), I wanted to test this one out on Duelingnetwork. It’s been months since I’ve been online (ref. if I'm online, you can find me as MaJuV).

I like this build, because of the crazy search power it has (Convocation, ROTA, E-Teleport, Charge o/t Light Brigade, Tour Guide) and its ability to crawl out of (almost) every bad situation I’ve been encountered with (safe otk’s), just like the previous Chaos Control deck.

And then, last sundays, I went to locals to test in real life.

Round 1: Vs newbie (why do I always get the newbies?):

Not much to say about it. This kid got the Cyber deck from his sister. While I tried helping him play the deck, this didn’t feel like a challenge to me.

Result: O? (he gave up after his first loss, even though I encouraged him to continue and learn some more. Oh well...)

Round 2: Vs Tricky (Malefic Geartown)

  • Game 1: He gets 2 Gadjiltron Dragons out fast. I try getting his backrow with Lyla, but he chains and it ends up being Skill Drain. I lose quickly. He shows he had another skill Drain and 2 Beast King Barbaros in his hand. Yeah, I had no chance at all, huh.
  • Game 2: He quickly reveals he sided in Necrovalley against me (oh, come on!) and brings out his Malefic Cyber End Dragon. I counter with Caius. He gets my Caius out of the way with Malefic Stardust. For the next few turns, I can only defend, as I can’t use the Chaos Sorcerer in my hand (curse you, Necrovalley). But I’m able to get rid of Malefic Stardust (thanks to D.D. Warrior Lady), get his Necrovalley (and his second one) out of the game and I make a come-back.
  • Game 3: He does his Geartown stuff again and gets 2 Gadjiltron Dragons on the field. I quickly go down to 2000 lifepoints. I noticed I didn’t side out my veilers. While at first I thought it was a bad move, I made the best out of it, used the effect of Zephyros, summoned Veiler and synchro’d into A.J. Catastor. After his first dragon is reduced to scrap metal, he tries to defend his second Dragon with Skill Drain, but a well-timed Forbidden Lance makes sure that his dragons are no more. He tries to come back, but to no avail.
  • Result: XOO

Tough match, this one. But I came back and won.

Round 3: Vs Drago (Inzektors)

I’ve been waiting for this one. I was hoping to face him, because I know this deck would fail against Inzektors. But I wanted to see how bad it would go and what moves I could make to make the best of it.

  • Game 1: I set a monster. Next turn, he goes “I’ve got an OTK in my hands. If you don’t have a veiler or gorz/trag in your hand, you lose.” Well, f**k”… I tried to keep up appearance, but he went loop-de-loop and OTK’d me. Well, not much to test if you’re going to lose to an OTK, huh…
  • Game 2: My Royal Decree stopped his traps and my Caius got rid of his Sangan. I end the turn with Photon Bounzer on the field. But he top decked MST (he top decked like a boss), got rid of my Decree, revealed his trap to be Compulsary and went all pain on me. His other face-down was Solemn Warning, so I couldn’t do much anymore.
  • Result: XX

Round 4: Vs Jaouad (Gladiator Beasts)

  • Game 1: He activates G.B. Chariot and ends up recycling the damn’ card turn after turn, bringing me down to 200LP. But I top decked BLS (like a baws) and I attacked his monster without activating his effect (in your face, Chariot). From there onward, I come back and take the game.
  • Game 2: He can't keep his monsters on the field due to my chaos. I win.
  • Result: OO

With 3 wins, I got 4th place and we held a top-4 cutoff.

Round 5: Vs Wim (Skill Drain HERO)

  • Game 1: I catch him twice checking his top card while still being my turn. First time, I let it slide with a comment, but second time I get pissed. I call the judge and make him clear that he can’t do that (not that it would help him). For the rest, he tries to put some pressure on me with Rai-Oh, Torrential and Skill Drain, but I end up beating him with only a handful of lifepoints left.
  • Game 2: Don’t remember this one too well, as everyone who didn’t top got their price support and started to take off (distraction = max level). All I remember is that he came close to winning, but I took the win in the end.
  • Result: OO

Final Round: Vs Drago (the revenge?)

  • Game 1: Repetition of last time, I get beaten fast.
  • Game 2: He takes my bait and doesn’t go for OTK. The two Veilers in my hand and the Chalice help me stall, my chaos monsters get over him and remove his key cards from play. Win.
  • Game 3: Back-and forth match. Near the end of the match, nearly everyone already left, including the shopkeeper (lol). We’re only with 6 or 8 people left. He went into Exa-Stag, taking both my Sangan (oh, come on! I needed that) and my Solemn’d Scrap Dragon, but the bug attacks into my D.D. Warrior lady (lol). I make a mistake, reborning the wrong monster (CED made it worse) and with a lack of light monsters in the grave, I can't come back.
  • Result: XOX

End result: 2nd place (pretty good for a first real-life test with this deck).

Price: 3 Hidden Arsenal 6 boosters (nice). After some trading with the last people present, I go home with Vylon Disigma and some other secret rares I wanted from the set. Now I'm only missing a Sphreeze.

Card of the day:

When you play well at locals with a new build, there's always that one card that keeps saving you, or you keep going back to when it gets tough.

In this case, the card of the day surely was D.D. Warrior Lady.

I eat your Stardust for breakfast and wipe the floor with your Zenmaines!

The card is underappreciated and often neglected in favor of that white dog from the Lightsworn gang (gansta woof!). But the effect of the lady is still a pain to deal with (for the opponent) and Leviair brings her back so easily.

Well, I’ll post up the banlist real soon. I'm still writing the blog post with a thorough analysis, but I first wanted this one out.

Until then

V out.


  1. DDWL takes the W.

    I played 2 in board in my Machina Gadgets and hell I loved her :D

    Did her stuff against Hero, Zenmaines, Chaos Dragons and is at least here in EU unexpected!

    Good card is still good, rather have a bitch next to my side instead of a small Dog, though lol what am I talking. xD

  2. Lol, that's one comment I'm going to remember :-D