24 February 2013

Bochum Day 1

Quick Post live from Bochum (sorry, atm still at the hotel in Dortmund).

  • Enormous amount of players. First number we heard wa 1439, later has been edited to 1455, I heard.
  • Went 2-3 and then I dropped
  • Most players were cool, but one annoying ruleshark I lost to.
  • All my friends dropped to, after similar results.
  • English Cosmo Blazer boosters were gone asap, so German it became. Pulled nothing good.
  • Did amazing trades. Got nearly everything from my (high/medium/low) wants list.
  • Only got to do one side-event (the only one avilable after round 5): win-a-mat. Didn't get one.
  • Had a pizza with my friend an talked a lot with all the guys from our team that went to Bochum.
  • Today it's side-events day. We'll see what happens next.
  • Give you the full report when I'm back home.
  • V out. Need to go, time is ticking...


  1. Did you happen to get any of these:

    1x BP01-EN143 Card Trooper - starfoil

    1x LCYW-EN295 Mind Crush

    1x LCYW-EN062 Mystical Space Typhoon

    2x GLD4-EN043 Trade-In

    1x LCYW-EN267 Prohibition

    find me here for trade please:

  2. Think i know what friend you're talking about ;)

  3. @jp6641: Nope, Mind Crush was the only one and was one of the most requested cards at the YCS. So, it's already gone.
    @Chris: Yeah, you should know him ;-)