25 February 2013

YCS Bochum - Day 2: We need more Belgian Judges

As I said, the full report will be when I get back home, but I'll give you some things:

  • In case you didn't hear already, Wind-ups won the last YCS of this format.
  • Memoli was already considered being a ruleshark (so I heard, I haven't played against him, so my opinion of him atm is still neutral), but according to the (non-German) people I heard in the crowd, the winner was no better. So ruleshark vs ruleshark? Wow, that's a fun duel...
  • The quote of the day and of the weekend was clearly: "We need more Belgian judges!" (More on this in my review of the event).
  • Only played one side-event, though I didn't make it. My friend won a Giant card though (he wanted Orobouros, but it was gone when he won). He could only choose between "Attack the Moon" and "Heart-Earth Dragon". He chose the latter (picture later on).
  • And that's it. I played with friends and traded a bit more. I had lots of fun, even if I didn't do many events.
  • Stayed until my friend lost in the event to win that super rare Digvorzak (or whatever it's name is) and the security guys told everyone to stop trading and get the hell out (not exactly in those words, but it wasn't that much different).
  • Went to get some Chinese, dueled some more in the hotel lobby and traded with the few more Yugioh players that botherd to get to the lobby (seriously, there were tons on friday, none on Saturday and only a handful today. What happended?).
  • Full report soon.
  • Until then, V out.

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