12 February 2013

Lord of the Tachyongalaxy - TCG Release date & info

Short post. Ventus of the No-names blog posted the following link, so I'll share it as well: Open sesame!

The 808-blog shared some secrets for Lord of the Tachyongalaxy for its TCG-release. What you need to remember is the following:

  • Release date is May 17th.
  • Sneak will thus probably be the weekend of May 4th/5th (I bet, it's always during the weekend I can't attend).
  • Phantom Beast Planes will be renamed into Mecha Phantom Beasts
  • More Noble Knights
  • OCG Imports of certain Constellar and Evilswarm Cards (Omega, Sombres and Kerykeion)

I'm finishing up the post about the cards to look forward to in Lord of the Tachyongalaxy. I'll post it up tomorrow.

Until then, V out.


Edit: More news (didn't want to make an extra post): Following new releases have been announced at the American International Toy Fair:

  • Zexal Card Sleeves (May): Okay, as long as Yuma doesn't stand on them (Emperor Key sleeves would be nice).
  • Super Starter Deck (June): Starter deck + 2 packs of 5 cards, similar to the OCG Starter Deck in March.
  • Battle Pack 2 (June): Interesting
  • NO extra Structure Deck in June, we got the Super Starter instead. So no repeat of the Marik & Six Spams Structure Deck this time around.
  • Judgment of the Light (August): Expected end of the month, sneak halfway the month.

Source: Click this way.


  1. Evilswarm already got the guy with the worst name to write on a decklist, I keep forgetting how its written ... give us a easier name to write Konami!

  2. Well, it depends if TCG-Konami keeps that Greek name, or replaces it with something easier to note down :-P

  3. Kerykeion = Caduceus (which is the thing that Evilswarm monster is holding). They can choose that as well, but it's not that much easier :-P