19 February 2013

About the March '13 Forbidden and Limited list

I said I had low expectations, but Konami never fails to disappoint me. The current March list is (as expected) a repetition of last year’s March List. Old archetypes get butchered (not hit, butchered) and the ones they’re making money off, remain untouched.

The changes are visible on this shriek page and list only the changes. By the first of March, the full list will be visible on the Yugioh-card website.

My opinion on the changes

Without further ado, my opinion.

  • Sangan: I'm pleasantly surprised with this one. It was on my banlist-wishlist, but I never expected Konami to hit it. But they actually did it. The most annoying searcher of the last few years is finally gone! September will probably bring Tour Guide back to three, because now that this little critter is gone, the only decks that can profit from her ability are Dark World, Fableds and perhaps Evilswarm too (I guess, though I dunno how many fiends they use).
  • Wind-up Magician & Wind-up Carrier Zenmaity: Wow… err. Konami might have just killed Wind-ups, dude. The hit on Magician was legit, but Zenmaity? I've already seen people experiment with Wind-up Builds, trying to tell people it's not dead. I hope so, because the Zenmaity thing was a little too much?
  • One Day of Peace: Another Finally. The reason why Final Countdown, Exodia, Burn and Gishki FTK decks have become so popular the last year was because of this card. This limit was really justified.
  • Solemn Warning: Last year, I would’ve applauded it. But today people are using Bottomless more. This has become somewhat an anti-meta card now. Still not bad that it’s limited. Guess this (and Sangan) is a hit to Dino Rabbit, without hitting the bunny itself.
  • Tsukuyomi: Its return from the forbidden status caused a lot of people to experiment with this card… to no avail. The card is slow, is kinda hard to search (without cost at least) and with a single copy, it’s virtually become useless. Card is already a candidate to become unlimited in September.
  • Thunder King Rai-Oh: Why?
  • Advanced Ritual Art: Interesting Pick. Guess this is their most controversial return this time around, but I don’t find it bad. Maybe we’ll see a return of Perfect Herald decks or Demise decks? Or will we see more ritual monsters released in the future (that can use this card)?
  • Spore: Obvious return.
  • Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow: Wrong card to return. This does nothing to the status of Blackwings. I keep my statement from my Prediction post: they need a second Gale.
  • Lumina, Lightsworn Sorceress: Another interesting Choice. Guess safe Honest & Charge, Lightsworn now have their full arsenal back at their disposal.
  • Shien’s Smoke Signal: Meh… Don't like Six Samurai, so I don't like this choice. I know Konami loves the archetype, so it’s no surprise to see it return.
  • Mind Crush: Lol, wut? I’d rather see this card become limited again, honestly. Guess it’s a trade-in for Semi-limiting Rai-Oh, I guess? Since all current archetypes search like hell, this card will become popular in the upcoming format.

What archetypes did Konami hit?

  • Wind-ups: It’s butchered and they might need some time before they attempt a come-back.
  • Dino Rabbit: The Tour Guide Engine died, so the deck now has a harder time searching the critter. I see a possible return of Gold Sarcophagus in this deck. Also, the limit of Solemn Warning will cause a reorganization of the trap line-up.
  • Any other deck that used the Tour Guide Engine: Chaos Dragons, Chaos Agents, Inzektors, etc.
  • Gishki FTK: Still viable, but harder to achieve with One-Day limited.
  • Stall Decks (Exodia, Final Countdown, Burn): Less protection due to One Day of Peace.

What archetypes gained a (small) boost?

Easy to spot: Blackwings, Lightsworn, Six Samurai, Perfect Herald & Demise decks.

What archetypes did NOT get hit, even though they should

  • Merlanteans: With its most important competitors hit (Dino Rabbit & Wind-Up) hit, they’ve actually gained a boost. That is, until everyone’s fully armed with Fire Fists (first), Mecha Phantom Beasts and/or Evilswarm decks (after Hidden Arsenal 7 + Lord of the Tachyongalaxy).
  • Fire Fist: Well, it was too soon anyway. Nobody really expected this to get hit.
  • Evilswarm (Verz): The OCG players will probably regret that this didn’t get hit.
  • Dark World: They even got a boost in a third Mind Control (though I dunno if they’ll use all three copies).

What archetypes did not get a boost, even though they should?

Harder to spot, but honestly: Tech Genus, Zombies and Plants. The (fake) Goyo list had me hoping that Konami would do something to boost either Tech Genus (Striker), Plants (Lonefire Blossom) or Zombies (either Mezuki or Plaguespreader Zombie), but nyet. Nothing happened; nothing will change the coming six months that will boost their popularity.

My opinion

At first I was disappointed (even though I had low expectations), but some good cards were hit none the less (could be worse, seriously). At least the Gishki FTK and Wind-ups were stopped.

What decks got hit that I play?

  • Piper Exodia deck just died (Tour Guide Engine & One Day of Piece).
  • Chaos Dragons took another hit (TGU-engine died, might transform with the Reincarnate Dragons).
  • Same to my pure Chaos deck, TGU-engine died (time to re-invent once again, huh).
  • Rabbit is a Beast: TGU-engine again, though I’ll work around this one.
  • Prophecy deck & Photon Lightray decks (my two main decks) remain unscathed. Photon Lightray will even receive a boost with the Zexal Tin coming out.

So mostly, the secondary/experimental decks I played are hit, rather than my 2 main decks. With the new F&L list and with the full content of Lord of the Tachyongalaxy revealed, I guess it’s time to experiment again (if I find the time, kinda hooked on Marvel Avengers Alliance & X-Com Enemy Unknown at the moment).

Until next time, V out.

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