20 February 2013

YCS Bochum & new European YCS: Lille

As a European Yu-Gi-Oh player, I'm always happy to announce European YCS's (because they're so scarce compared to the US).

This weekend is the first European YCS of this year (YCS Bochum) and immediately the last one of the current format, which ends next week.

YCS Bochum details

All the info you need will be (should be hopefully) on THIS LINK

From Friday evening, coverage will be posted on the European event coverage page.

Location is: RuhrCongress Bochum, Stadionring 20 in Bochum Germany. More info on how to get there is available at the event site website (wow, that sounds weird): THIS LINK.

You can register on Friday (I will, but I hope you won't. I don't want to wait in a line that's too long :-P ) between 16 and 21 o'clock.

And then from Saturday onward, it's main event (advanced) & many side-events (which Konami Europe forgot to update, so I have no clue which ones).

I hope the Structure Deck event is going to happen, because this has a cool-looking playmat as a price of the Fire Kings. Also, don't forget that the Win-a-mat may now also include the Kite+Galaxy-Eyes playmat.

What decks to expect?

  • Wind-up: LOTS of Wind-ups. It's the last YCS they can play at full power, so expect a hellalot of them.
  • Macro Rabbit: It's the cheapest top deck.
  • Merlanteans: It's the most expensive top deck (lol).
  • Fire Fists: Great contender to be the next top deck
  • Inzektors: Europe still had a bug-fetish last time, though I think it decreased in popularity in favor for Merlanteans
  • Other less popular decks will include: Geargia mash-ups, Prophecies, Fire Kings, Chaos Dragons and Dark World.

New European YCS Announced: YCS Lille

The rumor has been spreading for a few weeks now, but it's finally announced. The next European YCS is in Lille (France). And for once, I'm extremely pleased with his location. It's less than an hour away from my home (in Belgium), so it will be an easy drive (lol).

Since Belgium doesn't have a Konami office (Main office is in Germany, with branches in France, Italy, UK, Netherlands and Spain), the chances of having a Belgian YCS is extremely small. So I'm very happy this event will occur this close to my home.

Details at the moment:

That's it for now. See you at Bochum (if you're going!). I'll try to update while I'm there, but I can't promise too much.

V out.


  1. How can I contact you I'd like to ask you a question since your going to a YCS, please?

  2. you can send me a mail to da_v_project@hotmail.com.
    Please choose a topic that refers the YCS, or you'll probably end up my spam mails. ;-)

  3. I and team No Names will be there too, I will be probs too sleepy friday but lets meet up the days after.