2 April 2013

Youtube shuts down, Twitter becomes a paying serivce, LFN goes Triad, High Priestess & Abyssmegalo get reprinted and more

Yesterday was April fools. Hope you didn't get fooled (too much).

My friends wondered why I didn't take the opportunity to make an April Fool's joke, but I just didn't feel like it.

To make up on that, I decided to give you a compilation of the better Fools Jokes I've seen online instead. If available, I'll leave the link in each subtopic title.

Freddie Mercury smuggled Prince Diana in a gay club, dressed as a man

Hilarious by itself, right? Even if it was true, this would be a laugh.

Apparantly, a new book of comedian Cleo Rocos (The power of positive drinking) claimed that Cleo herself and Kenny Everett accompanied both Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in South London, with the princess dressed in an army jacket, cap and sunglasses.

New Statesman paper from now on in Comic Sans

The paper was delighted to announce that the New Statesman is unveiling a brand new look to celebrate its centenary, using the popular Comic Sans font.

Artistic people were ready to rage. Comic sans, lol wut? :P

Daily Express offers the Belgian Suite in Buckingham Palace for 10.000 pound/night

No link for this one, but the Daily Express had a link to hotels.com, offering the Belgian Suite at Buckingham Palace. You could rent it for the night for 10.000 pound. Lol, as a Belgian, I didn't knew the Buckingham Palace had a Belgian Suite at all!

The poor suckers who fell for it, got the following message: "SORRY, if you think you can book a suite at the Palace as we suggest on page 24, you’re an April Fool!" (awh)

Youtube was always a talent-show and will shut down to select its winner

Yes, youtube put a lot of effort into making people believe they were going to shut down for the next 10 years, to select the "winner" of all the "talent" video's made in the past years.

They really put some effort in it, since they made a special 12-hour long video with all the nominees.

Twitter will charge people for using vowels

The Twitter Blog stated that from April first onward, they would divide Twitter into a free service (Twttr), which limited you in using consonants only (no vowels). You could get the vowels for 5 bucks per month, using the "Premium Twitter" service.

Find some booty with Google Maps, yarrr!

Feeling lucky, mate? Apparantly Google found the map of famous pirate Captain William Kidd (for the One Piece Fans, yes this is the real-life pirate Captain Kid is based upon). Google couldn't figure it all out, but digitized the whole map and made it available on Google maps! Booty for everyone, arr!

Google Nose

Another google joke was their next project which seemed so realistic (considering they're making Google Glasses), a lot of people fell for it. This project was called Google Nose.

Going onwards from the scratch-and-smell books, Google developed an app which could make you experience several smells, like wet dog, car fumes, flowers, etc. Just put your nose close to the screen, press enter and experience. WOW!

The Pirate Bay moves its servers from North Korea to America, f**k yeah!

The controversial torrentsite Thepiratebay (which is supposedly not accessible in Belgium due to certain laws) claimed that it moved its servers from North-Korea (lol, wut?) to the greatest country in the world: America, F**k yeah!

Netflix adds some new categories

People always suggest Netflix should add some new categories to their movies, so they did (lol). And how, they added categories like:

  • Movies that are in English, but still require subtitles.
  • Movies and TV-series about seriously pissed off wives.
  • Movies featuring an epic Nicolas Cage meltdown.
  • TV-shows where defiantly crossed arms mean business!

Imgur now allows upload of pictures via snailmail

As you might've guessed from the title, snail mail refers to the real-life mail, instead of the e-mail. Simply mail your pictures to: Imgur.com, PO Box 420773, San Francisco, CA 94142-0773, USA.

Marvel Avengers Alliance will now include amazing items on the roulette and both Galactus & Aunt May as playable characters

If you're a Marvel Avengers Alliance player on the facebooks (like me), you might've noticed this "amazing" post yesterday.

The post said both Galactus and Aunt may to become playable characters (Aunt May, the Golden Oldie, lol). Not only that, the daily roulette would contain items like the Cosmic Cube, The Infinity Gauntlet, Captain America's Shield, Mjolnir and a few others. Kind of surreal to read, but hilarious none the less.

LFN will re-use his blog for his new passion: The Chinese Triad

Big shock yesterday in the Yugioh-bloggers community, as LFN stated that he gave an explanation why his Yugioh-blogging took a downgrade. He has a new passion: the Chinese Triad and crime.

So now he's going to blog about smuggling, trafficking, blackmail, assault, carjacking and drugs. Definitely read the reactions, they're hellafun.

Konami reprints of Abyssmegalo and High Priestess of Prophecy

And perhaps the biggest shocker in the Yu-Gi-oh community... the announced reprints of Megalo & High Priestess!

According to yugi-tuber AznEyesWhiteDragon, Konami announced a new pack (the Advantage Pack), which would have several tournament-level reprints, including Mermail Abyssmegalo and High Priestess of Prophecy. Konami also added a clip showing a Konami employee opening one of these advantage boxes. Watch it on your own risk! This is the link.

Many more

Yes, I know, there are tons more April Fools jokes, but I found these ones the most interesting of the bunch I've seen.

If you found some more interesting April Fools jokes, please let everybody know in the comments section.

Until next time,

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