21 April 2013

Cards to look forward to in Judgment of the Light Pt. 2 – Extra deck monsters

Second part of my review of Judgment of the Light. This set marks the return of synchro monsters. And well, let’s admit it. They’re ALL good and better than the new XYZ this time around. The 2 synchro’s not mentioned are the archetype specific ones (because they don’t work outside of their archetype).

Synchro monsters

Mist Bird Clausolas: The living form of Ally of Justice Clausolas. And yes, next to Mist Wurm, this is another Mist Valley synchro that isn't a Mist VALLEY synchro. It’s the first Lv. 3 synchro worth summoning. While it has 0 attack, it has 2300 defense and it can turn an opponent’s monster’s attack to 0 and negate its effect.

Balmung, Fighter of the Demon World: Not Dark World not Dark Demon World (unlike Dark Blade), this is the Demon World Fighter Balmung. This is a Lv. 4 synchro whose artwork AND effect will remind you of Colossal Fighter (but revival due to destruction by card effects, rather than battle). Decent replacement for Armory Arm.

Armades, keeper of Illusions: Brother of Adreus & Tiras. When this card attacks, your opponent cannot activate card effects. So no Mirror Force, D-Prison or protection by Utopia, Catastor or Zenmaines. Good card!

Psychiconductor Behemoth: A Lv. 6 synchro that works well with the Banish-psychics from Extreme Victory (and the Psoil deck, remember that one?). And believe it or not, it’s D.D. Warrior Lady in (mecha-)dog form! So yes, finally we have a decent Lv. 6 synchro again!

Starform Dragon: A good lv. 11 synchro (the first one). Takes some effort to get on the field, but once it hits, it’s annoyingly hard to get rid of. I've seen DSummon promote it as a boss monster in Karakuri. Apparently they can easily summon it (*shudders in fear*).

XYZ monsters

Herald of Sacred Light: Only 1 good (splashable) XYZ this time around. This requires 2 Lv. 2 monsters. Its effect: Detach 1 to return a card from the grave from your hand and then shuffle a card from your hand to the deck. This can be used to return dead cards to the deck (that second D-HERO Malicious or Reborn Tengu, or vanilla’s you rather keep in your deck) while obtaining a good monster from your grave (A reverse Monster Reincarnation of sorts). Good card is good!

Next time up, Spells and traps!


  1. Uh, Herald of Sacred Light adds monsters from the grave to hand, not any card. That'd be amazing. He's like Monster Reincarnation on legs.

    1. Indeed. I mixed up the word "monster" with "card" that was a line above it. My mistake, I'll fix that. ;-)

  2. (*shudders in fear*) GOLD!!
    but seriously those asian (malaysian i think) guys are monsters in ygo, everytime they create some crazy loop or combo i actually shudder in fear.