22 April 2013

Cards to look forward to in Judgment of the Light Pt. 3 – Spells and traps


Rank-up Magic – Numeron Force: Similar card to Barian’s Force, but this card doesn’t steal XYZ materials. This card negates the effect of all other cards on the field (at the time of summon). So which Rank-up Magic will you pick (if you will ever use one)?

Ancient Battlefield of the Different Dimension - Sargasso: A long name for a field spell. (TCG might rename this to “D.D. Battlefield - Sargasso” or so). This is a nice side-deck card for burn decks, aimed to counter decks with XYZ monsters. When a player XYZ summons, he takes 500 damage; during each end phase if the turn player controls an xyz, he takes 500 damage.

Vertical Landing: A quick-play spell card that replaces WIND attribute monsters (any number) with Lv. 3 Phantom Beast Plane Tokens. Though it’s original use is intent for PBP’s, since it’s not restricted to the archetype, other WIND-archetypes can use it just as well (harpies, Mist Valley, Gusto, Dragunities(!), etc). This card is perfect to avoid your opponent’s traps (D-Prison, Mirror Force) or to aim for the desired synchro monster.

Transturn: I couldn't miss out on this one; it’s the most hyped card of the set. Send 1 monster you control to the Graveyard; Special Summon 1 monster from your Deck with the same Attribute and Type as the sent monster, but 1 Level higher. There are many decks that can abuse this card: Blackwings, Karakuri, Infernity, Six Sams, Agents and Inzektors are just a few.


Sin Key Law: This trap summons 3 Umbral tokens while you control an XYZ monster. The tokens gain attack equal to the attack of the XYZ monster. Granted, they cannot attack directly and they cannot be tributed for Virus cards (aaaawh), but having a few free powerhouses on your field can never hurt. Just use this card after your HC Excalibur has 4000 attack to have three enormous tokens on the field (yes, it's attack, not original attack).

Fascinating Trap Hole: This card's artwork shows what the Fascinating fiends really are (eew). When a monster special summoned on your opponent’s side of the field activates an effect (Abyssmegalo, High Priestess, any XYZ or Synchro monster), negate the effect and destroy it. No cost (unlike divine wrath), but unlike Divine Wrath, this card is no counter trap and it’s kind of situational. It’s up to you to choose the best trap in your deck.


As expected, this set is kind of a let-down. Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy is an amazing set, so the follow-up was expected to be kind of a let-down. Konami defended itself by releasing some very good synchro monsters; but safe those synchro's there's hardly any card in here worth getting (Transturn & that 1 XYZ). The Fascinating fiends are interesting; The War Gods may be interesting, but (like Wind-up's a while ago) it will take a few sets before they're really good.

The OCG prices of this set after a week already confirmed this, making Flying "C" the most wanted card from the set (and only 20$), and it's a common card (normal rare = 1 per box).

Up to the question: Is this set worth investing in? The answer is obviously... NO. Get the few single cards you really want; for the rest you can ignore it.

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