12 April 2013

Yuginews collected (Battle Pack 2 first details, YCS Lille details, Judgment of the Light first spoilers)

It's been a while since my last post, but that's mostly because it has been a few very busy weeks.

So, let's compile what happened the last few weeks...

YCS Lille's details are (finally known)

YCS Lille has been announced for a few months now and it will occur at the end of this month. But until last week, the details page still wasn't there. Now the details are finally known: http://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/events/ycs_lille.html

The event will be held at:

Hidden Arsenal 7 postponed for a week (in the US)

One of the biggest rumors last week was the postponing of Hidden Arsenal 7. The news was revealed on April 1st, making people unsure whether or not it was an April Fool's Joke. But with Julia Hedberg (of Konami) confirming the delay, people became kind of worried at this side of the Ocean.

So it's postponed in the US, but what about the rest of the friggin tcg-world? It took me (and several other European players) a long time to figure out whether or not Europe's release is going to be affected as well.

Why does it matter? Well, if it's postponed, the set would not be legal at YCS Lille. If it comes out in time, it WILL be legal to play. That's a frigging big difference, don't you think?

Today we have a 90% assurance that the European release will be on time (we'll only be certain next Thursday, when the set comes out), making it legal to play at YCS Lille (unless otherwise notified).

Update: Scratch that. European release will be postponed as well, so it's NOT legal at YCS Lille. I repeat: NOT LEGAL!

Battle Pack 2 shares its first details

In June we will not only have a new Starter deck, we'll also have the new Battle Pack. And this week the first details of this new pack have been revealed:

  • The full name is: Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants
  • The cards will be focused on bringing out high-level monsters on the field.
  • Starfoil rares are no more. Each pack will now have 3 commons, a rare and a Mosaic Rare (a new foil type).
  • All three Egyptian Gods will be in this pack (the playable versions, obviously). This marks the first reprint of Slifer the Sky Dragon!
  • Tewart already revealed that the packs will not be easily mixed with battle Pack 1 (ensure your event organizers know this, before they actually do so in tourneys). He also said that certain cards from BP1 will also be in BP2 (Obelisk, obviously).
  • So let the speculation begin: Biggest rumor on reprint is (next to Gaia Dragon) obviously Number 11: Big Eye and Gustav Max (big monsters, big XYZ ranks). Big Eyeis the omnipotent Snatch Steal in monster form and is the boss monster in the 4-Dragons deck (and many others now). And Gustav Max becoming legal in the rest of the world is always wellcome.

"Osiris the Executive producer is back!"

Judgment of the Light is out in the OCG (first spoilers)

Apparantly, today is the offcial release of Judgment of the Light in the OCG. While it will take the rest of the weekend until the Wiki and Shriek are fully up to date, the first spoilers are flowing in on the Singapore Facebook page.

First surprises are (among others) a new "C" monster, following Maxx "C" and Shiny Black "C"; a new prophecy monster (The World?), a new cuties/fiends archetype and many others. Keep your eyes on the pages, because more info will flow in soon.

And yes, I'll give you my cards to look forward to-list next week ;-).

Until then, V out.


  1. German site said it wont be legal at Lille cause for global release and less confusing we get it at the same time as the US boys.

    1. Yes, we've heard the confirmation in the meantime. Not fun, but well :-(
      At least we can massively buy HA7 at YCS Lille at a price cheaper than the average shops :-P