25 April 2013

YCS Lille - Last preparations

This weekend is YCS Lille and currently the last planned European YCS. After Nationals season and the European/World Championship is over, there will probably be more.

One more time, all YCS Lille Details

The event will be held at:

Pre-registration will start at Friday (between 16 and 21 o' clock). Otherwise it's Saturday between 8 and 10 in the morning.

About Hidden Arsenal 7

And in case you still didn't knew it, Hidden Arsenal 7 is NOT legal at YCS Lille (awh...). Reference the following feedback by P.J. Tierney (The Irish Duelist/Coverage writer at European YCS's) from the Judge forum:

For Duelists planning to attend, we have an important Card legality update for YCS Lille:
As we cannot guarantee that Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars will be available across Europe at the same time, Cards from Hidden Arsenal 7:Knight of Stars will not be legal at the YCS Lille.
If there are any contradictory entries under “card legality” of the ‘gameplay’ section of information provided for YCS Lille, the above applies instead.

Yes, you might have found Hidden Arsenal in your local shop this week (it's out officially since today), but that doesn't mean it's legal!

If there are people attending the YCS that are still unaware of this, please pass them this information.

And me?

I'll be attending this time as well. (I should, considering it's less than an hour driving from my home, lol).

I'm not there to top, but to have a good time. And I hope you will have a good time as well!

If you spot me, don't be shy, come say hi!

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