23 August 2013

Analysis of the TCG F&L List September 2013

Now that my initial surprise of the list is over, it’s time to analyze each hit on this list:

Burner, Lightning, Reactan and Stream, the Baby Dragons forbidden

It was on the OCG list and it shouldn't come as a surprise to see it on the TCG list as well. The Dragon Rulers were supposed to boost each attribute of its respective element, but the baby’s made it possible to create a deck of the dragons itself. The baby’s created a problem deck, so getting rid of the babies solved the problem.

Spellbook of Judgment forbidden:

Glad that this was hit and not any other Prophecy/Spellbook card. THIS was the problem card, as stated months ago.

Card Destruction and Super Rejuvenation forbidden + Gold Sarcophagus Limited

The older support cards that were abused in Dragon Rulers are hit as well and hit hard. Card Destruction already deserved a place on the forbidden list for years, Super Rejuvenation promotes overextending and Gold Sarc… well… maybe we can now see the return of Necroface? (pretty please?)

Elemental HERO Stratos forbidden + E-Emergency Call, A HERO Lives and Destiny HERO Malicious unlimited

Most people complaining about this list are actually complaining about the fact that Stratos is gone and that HERO decks “just died”. But honestly, does the existence of 1 card really have to cause a limit on three other cards? NO! I’d rather see three E-Calls, 3 A HERO Lives and 3 Malicious than 1 Stratos. So to all you whiners: GET OVER IT!

Number 16: Shock Master forbidden

This card has become the face of “You-can’t-play-Yugioh” cards. It’s the source of many frustrations and it’s rightfully forbidden. It locked down opponents completely after they suffered a virus attack; it blocked an opponent completely if the solely relied on either monster effects or spell cards. It caused more frustration than any other card. Should it be limited instead of forbidden? Maybe, but I don’t think it’s bad that this card is gone completely.

Gateway of the Six forbidden

THANK YOU, Konami. Worst TCG Exclusive EVER made! Six Sams don’t need this card to win, but it makes them overpowered if they do draw it. It’s like Dark Worlds opening with Card Destruction; Chaos Dragons opening with Future Fusion, or Machine Decks opening with Limiter Removal (hint, Konami, hint).Those decks can win without the named cards, but as an opponent you don’t want to face these cards: because you’ll have an incredibly high chance of losing.

Ultimate Offering forbidden

Ever since XYZ came out, this card proved to be just broken in Gadget decks. Glad it’s gone, it didn't do any good.

Heavy Storm, Monster Reborn and Pot of Avarice

They’re game-changers and top decking these cards may give you the win, even if you don’t deserve it. Many people were asking for these cards to be gone, so let it be.

And Pot of Avarice has two replacements in Daigusto Emeral and Pot of Duplicity.

Solemn Judgment Forbidden; Bottomless Trap Hole, Compulsory Evacuation Device and Torrential Tribute Limited and Dimensional Prison Semi-Limited

This is a huge bite that Konami just took out of the staple Trap cards. Considering Heavy Storm is gone, I guess this is a justified cut-back of these traps. It’s already going to be a backrow-heavy format as it is, so limiting the traps isn't bad at all.

Atlantean Dragoons & Deep Sea Diva Limited

Thank god. The main search engines of the Mermail deck is cut. The Mermail players already confirmed weeks before this list came out that the deck is still playable and good with only 1 Diva and 1 Dragoons. And in return, Konami also limited the following cards.

Rescue Rabbit, Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos limited

Yeah, Konami obviously hates Macro Rabbit. I personally didn't have any problem with it, but it was no surprise that the deck was everywhere in the past year. Ever since the tins of last year, Macro Rabbit was the cheapest (anti-)meta deck to build. Since the deck had a good match-up versus Mermails, it was just as popular in the March Format (until the Dragons attacked). So bye-bye Rabbit.

Indirectly, Evilswarm Decks are hit by this as well. I guess they won’t be using Rabbit and Heliotrope anymore. Enough other choices, though.

Soul Drain, Thunder King Rai-Oh, Eradicator Epidemic Virus and Royal Tribute limited.

Like Shock Master, these cards only classify as “You-can’t-play Yugioh” cards. No activating of card effects in the grave; no searching of cards; no use of spells or traps; or not having monsters at all. None of these cards are fair in multiples, so I don’t regret their limit.

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Spirit limited and Fire Formation – Tenki Semi-Limited

Fire Fists required a hit, otherwise they would become the overpowering archetype this format. Tenki was an obvious choice. And while OCG hit Rooster, that card is kind of new in TCG, so our Konami hit Spirit instead. Guess we’ll only have the 4-axis then, huh?

Genex Ally Birdman, Evigishki Mind Augus, Dewloren Tiger King of the Ice Barrier and Constellar Ptoley M7 limited

These cards are classified as OTK/FTK enablers. That’s their only use when multiples are available.

I liked Birdman and M7 a lot, but it’s a justified hit to stop OTK decks. Still… Doesn’t Konami see that Aquamirror is the problem, not the Gishki's themselves? They now have 2 Ritual monsters of the same archetype limited!

Mezuki & Plaguespreader Zombie Semi-Limited

Zombies were dead, it’s true. This gives zombie-decks a boost. And it should come as no surprise that Konami wants to boost the popularity of Shadow Specters a little (the set isn't that great), so these two might help that.

T.G. Striker Semi-Limited & The Agent of Mystery Earth unlimited

FINALLY! T.G. Agents was never a popular deck in the TCG, so we found the initial limit on Earth and Striker way too harsh (it killed the T.G. engine). More than Earth, I’m more glad that Striker is back at 2 (which is the number that is generally used).

Tsukuyomi & Scapegoat unlimited

These cards are two reminders that Goat Control was once a feared deck. Tsukuyomi is only used once in certain decks (spelllcasters and control decks), and scapegoat… let’s just say that this choice is intriguing. I’m kind of looking forward what 12 annoying scapegoats can do… My guess: Plasma Control, Piper Control, etc.

Hieratic Seal of Convocation & Black Whirlwind unlimited

Two search cards for previously popular archetypes (mostly in the OCG). It’s interesting to see if they will be picked up massively again. I think Blackwings will become more interesting, with Fortune Tune and Transmodify now available for them.

Note: Transmodify has now leaped over all other cards and became the money card of JOTL. Guess the hype of Infernities, Agents and Wings made it a popular card all of a sudden.

Pot of Duality unlimited

Not that much of a fan of this choice, but probably due to the limit of Gold Sarc. Duality is what OCG players describe as a brain-drain card. It increases consistency of your deck without thinking too much about your deck choices. I found it to be perfect at 2, but I can’t blame people for using three copies of it either.


So, that’s it. That’s my analysis. Unlike the OCG list, there aren't many choices that I dislike on this list. The OCG list is more like a typical lolkonami list, with bad cards like Trishula, Gorz or Chaos Sorcerer returning; while the TCG variant actually cares about the players (for once, at least).

I've heard many old players being very positive about this list and making them think to actually return to the game. So I have to say: this list is a good thing for the game in general. I hope that our Konami would keep it up this way, because I like it.

A somewhat pleased V out.

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