16 August 2013

That List IS real, oh dear...

Yes, I thought it was fake, but it ended up being the real deal. I already stated that I liked the list, safe a few choices.

The September 2013 Forbidden & Limited list

Newly Forbidden:

  • Burner, Dragon Ruler of Sparks (from unlimited)
  • Lightning, Dragon Ruler of Drafts (from unlimited)
  • Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles (from unlimited)
  • Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets (from unlimited)
  • Spellbook of Judgment (from unlimited)

Newly limited:

  • Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Rooster (from unlimited)
  • Genex Ally Birdman (from unlimited)
  • Mermail Abyssteus (from unlimited)
  • Wind-Up Shark (from unlimited)
  • Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (from forbidden)
  • Number 11: Big Eye (from unlimited)
  • Divine Wind of Mist Valley (from unlimited)
  • Super Rejuvenation (from unlimited)
  • Abyss-sphere (from unlimited)

Newly Semi-Limited:

  • Chaos Sorcerer (from limited)
  • Gladiator Beast Bestiari (from limited)
  • Gorz the Emissary of Darkness (from limited)
  • Neo-Spacian Grand Mole (from limited)
  • Black Whirlwind (from limited)
  • Fire Formation – Tenki (from unlimited)

Newly Unlimited:

  • Tsukuyomi (from semi-limited)
  • Wind-Up Magician (from limited)
  • Advanced Ritual Art (from semi-limited)
  • E – Emergency Call (from semi-limited)
  • Pot of Duality (from semi-limited)
  • Reasoning (from semi-limited)
  • Scapegoat (from limited)
  • Mirror Force (from semi-limited)

Some additions to the first list

There are apparently two additions to the first list that was leaked. The first is Chaos Sorcerer (back to 2) and the second is Tenki (which also got semi'd).

As a chaos fan, I like Chaos Sorcerer's return. It was unfair to be hit so hard (again). Two is the right number to play after all. Tenki on the other hand seems a bit harsh, considering Konami's also limiting Rooster. Fire Fists just died, man. Not to mention, the most expensive card from the most recent TCG booster set (which is out for like a week or two) is just hit. But yeah, Fire Fists were reigning in the OCG as much as Mermails were in the TCG, so it's honestly not that big of a surprise either.

The BIG change

As said before, Konami announced a few changes. The biggest change is that the banlist will be updated after each new OCG booster. (February-April-July-November) releases. This is Konami's answer to the frequent request of set rotations, I guess?

How will this influence the TCG? Well, if our Konami follows in a similar way (new list after each TCG booster), that means our lists will now be updated in January-May-August-November. If our Konami makes this change, it will cause for a separate banlist for OCG and TCG all together. This is something that many people have been asking as well, considering the two regions play in a different style, due to their own set of exclusives.

The other changes is that there will be set rules for Concept Duels (themed decks), duels with specific rules/banlist set by the cardshop, etc. Oh yeah, now the OCG will also have more World Championship qualifiers (there were less tournaments of this kind). These extra changes will probably not affect the TCG at all, so there's less reason to cover them in detail.


Well, now we're going to wait until August 20, when TCG-Konami updates their list. Let's see if they're going to hit Rooster as well, or if they're going to wait until the first rotation banlist in November... Hmmm. An intrigued V out.

PS: On a side-note: You will be saying this a lot in the upcoming format.

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