12 August 2013

The World Championship 2013 - Dragon Rulers win

Las Vegas, the place for gamblers in this world. And if you gambled right, then you would have bet that Dragon Rulers would win this year's World Championship... in Vegas.

As long predicted, the world representatives either used Prophecies or Dragon Rulers.

From all world's representatives, only 8 were selected to enter the top-8. There were 6 Dragon Ruler players and 2 Prophecy players (surprisingly).

The last rounds

The final rounds were the most exciting ones. David Keener (US - Prophecy) Vs Shin En Huang (Taiwan - Dragon Rulers) played the finals and before them was the battle for the third place between Weerapun Suebyoubol (Thailand - Dragon Rulers) Vs Hiromi Kudou (Japan - Dragon Rulers).

Some video's for the last duels:

Also: Pay attention to DSummon (Duelingdays blogger) being the interpretor for Shin En Huang.

And the winner is...

Shin En Huang, from Taiwan won the World Championship with Dragon Rulers! A well-deserved congratulations to you!

Also, a big round of applause for David Keener for being the only duelist that brought Prophecies to the second place in the world! Wow, first a second place in the North American nationals and now the second place in Worlds; good job, man!

Edit: DSummon posted up the decklist of the champion in the facebook group Yugioh Edtion Singapore (YES). So so this is it!

And to the complainers: Yes, Huang lucksacked with Card Destruction, but who cares? Having luck is a part of the game, right? So let the guy go. He didn't cheat (unlike some previous winners).

And while we're talking about luck, it took guts for the guys that summoned Number 7: Lucky Stripe AND roll a 7 with two dice! If you do roll it, you end up with the awesome Graceful Charity effect, but otherwise that's a risky move. Probably the Vegas-atmosphere that caused people to gamble like that, right? :-P

Europeans in the World Championship?

We can be quick about them. Only 1 (Soldan - Italy) lost in the top-8. Both the Greek (Bountaloudis) and German (Gruner) just missed top-8. That's it.

Now on to something more fun...

Voice actor duels remain hilarious

The voice actors of Yugi (Dan Green) and Mai (Erica Schroeder) were hosting the entire World Championship (which was cool) and finished it off with a duel of their own.

I watched it over the live stream, but for those unable to attend, Vexacus uploaded the duel to youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rLCzGx_cKU.

Funniest moment was definitely when Yugi activated Multiply.



That's it for now. I'm now going to watch the finals in detail (was during the night for me, so I couldn't watch).

This week or the next, the new F&L list should come out (first leeks should be the end of this week), so keep your eyes open on the changes!

And at the end of this world, it's YCS Brussels! So that's a lot to look forward to!

Until next time, V out.

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