14 August 2013

My opinion on “That list”

Everybody has been gossiping about it. There’s “a good source” that “confirms” the September Forbidden and Limited list. You know what’s all on that list?

The rumored/unconfirmed list:

Edit: You know what? Scratch that. I'm not putting the "rumored" list in here; otherwise you might even believe it to be real.

Just check it at the source where I got it from: http://ygorganization.com/sept2013list/

My opinion

As you might've guessed from my intro, I’m very skeptical about this list (read as: I think it's bull). And until I see some evidence (you know, the Chaos Promo cards, the information on the upcoming OCG Duelist Packs that WILL be in this jump, etc… I will not believe a single card on any list.

But since this list keeps popping up (due to Trishula's supposed return), I thought I could give my opinion on this (you know, safe the fact that I think it's fake).

My opinion on this rumored, unconfirmed list: Safe a few weird choices, I like it.

  • Dragon Rulers are hit by killing the bad cards of the deck (the babies, Super Rejuv & Big Eye)
  • Prophecies are hit by taking away that one horribly written card (Judgment), without further crippling the deck.
  • Fire Fists are (unexpectedly) hit by Rooster.
  • Mermails are hit by Sphere & Abyssteus.
  • The Harpie Dancer FTK is dealt with by limiting Birdman & Divine Wind (not that it was a popular FTK, but it existed).
  • Wind-up Shark and Magician have switched places (debatable, but I think that can work).
  • Heroes gain back their third E-Call (again, debatable).

But there are a few weird choices and few cards were not picked, so I have my doubts about the content:

  • Atlantean Dragoons was NOT hit, nor Deep Sea Diva. Those two cards require a hit more than Abyssteus in my eyes.
  • While Fire Bros Rooster is a good hit, it’s VERY weird that they chose that card that just came out in the TCG, rather than one of the Fire Formation cards.
  • Trishula’s return is ridiculous. Infernities already gained power with lavalval Chain, Archfiend Heiress & Transmodify. Don’t make them OP by returning Trishula.
  • Returning Black Whirlwind over Gale is a bad choice. Period.
  • Three Scapegoat is just plain silly.
  • Two Gorz is even more ridiculous.

It's the weird choices like Trishula, Gorz and Scapegoat that make me laugh at lists like this. Come on, who even believes this (safe Trish-fanboys obviously)? But the more important question here is: why is everybody believing it and why is everybody massively buying Trishula's?

Why ARE you trying to buy Trishula NOW?

A lot of you take it for granted that Trishula will return and bought Trish’ at ridiculous prices. For those wanting to make a serious profit out of this situation, it may be time to sell those trish’s, before the REAL list is revealed. (Yeah, remember Goyo Guardian? People rumored he would return last year. Guess what happened? HE DIDN’T!).

And for those of you who don’t have trishula and didn't buy it (or trade it) during the period it was forbidden: you are idiots. No, seriously. The only excuse of not having a Trishula in your possession is if either you recently (re)started in the game, or if you're having financial trouble. Anything else is no excuse!

Ever since Black Luster Soldier was un-banned, it should have been clear to you that you should always try to keep at least 1 of each forbidden card in your collection, just in case. I got my Trishula the moment nobody cared about it anymore, at a dump price (€8-10 or so in trade value). So did I with Glow-up Bulb. AND SO SHOULD YOU! If Trishula returns and NO reprint is announced, you bet your ass each card will cost around €50. That’s how it went with BLS. Two years ago I was laughing with my €5-BLS when everybody complained on how expensive BLS was upon its return.

Konami already stated once that they will always try to see if certain cards can go away from the forbidden status, so it’s always possible. Don’t let yourself get suckered into buying expensive cards when you have the opportunity to buy them when nobody cares about them!

Again, don’t let yourself get fooled before the REAL list is confirmed (even if it somehow would end up being this one)!

A somewhat frustrated V out.

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  1. There IS a lot of silly stuff on that list, but it is Konami we're dealing with here. If anything, we'll know for sure in the coming week. Don't get too frustrated.