4 September 2012

Deck Tests September format #1: Photon Lightray

For the past few weeks, I've been testing a lot (like I said two weeks ago). Since my agenda's pretty full, that means an average of 2-3 matches per day, so it takes a little longer than originally intended.

From this week onward, I'll give you the test results and deck lists. First up is one of my favorites: Photon Lightray.


After the release of the Photon Trio (Lizard/Thrasher/Crusher) in ORCS and the introduction of the Lightrays in GAOV, I noticed that both archetypes mixed very well together. I found out I was not the only one with that idea, as shortly afterwards, OCG legend Rauzes came up with a build (His decklist can be found on Dueling Legacy), which gave me a few ideas as well (like using Guardian of Order).

Since first tests went bad while facing Inzektors, this deck was put on hold. But with Inzektors getting banhammered, I picked it up again, re-molded it and gave it this result.

Explaining the deck

  • The Photon Trio: Thrasher is a well-known card, since it's splashable in many decks. Crusher is his 2000-attack buddy and Lizard is the Photon Searcher. Twin Photon Lizard (in the extra deck) is summoned by Dragon's Mirror and is rank 6 material.
  • Lightsworn Engine: No need to explain, I guess? Filling the graveyard is essential in this deck.
  • Lightray round-up: Gearfried and Daedalus can be special summoned with ease, Sorcerer and Madoor take joy in the fact that people use Bottomless trap holes more and more and Lightgay Grepher does the same job Bondage Grepher did (preparing the grave/banished area to summon the boss monsters).
  • Soul of Purity and Light: A handy old card which is easy Rank 6 material and helps summoning cards like Lightray Sorcerer and Madoor.
  • Extra deck: Filled with Rank 4 and rank 6 monsters, together with a few synchro's I can summon via Veiler.
  • Side-deck: I haven't decided on the side-deck yet. Either I put the necessary cards in there to transform it into a chaos deck, or I just prepare for bad match-ups or my own weaknesses (like facing Light-Imprisoning mirror).
  • Downside: There's only one downside to this deck, and it's the same downside my old Chaos Dragons deck had. With all the boss monsters in the deck, you have a chance of opening really bad. That's one of the reasons I put Gorz and Veilers in there.

The deck tested really well on DN and the few tests I did in real life were good (though only locals with not that great competition). I'm testing this deck further.

Next time, more test results - the ninja deck.

Until then, V out.

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