13 September 2012

Quick Update - Promo Cards November tins announced

Woke up this morning, with these updates on the Konami Products page:

If that ain't a good way to start a day, I don't know it :-P


  1. It is not a good day ... I had hopes now that Shock Master, will take its time but now even here everybody will go Wind-Up CRAZY ...

  2. Yeaj, Shock Master.
    Boo, Rabbit.

    It took me 4 months of trading and bargening before I got my playset. I played with it for a month and boom, only 2 Rabbits.

    Now Rabbit in tin. I feel insulted. I still got you Maxx C's

  3. @Ventus: Well, they already played wind-ups... Now they only will get better :-S
    @SmartAss: Don't get your hopes up too high, there are still a few free spots in those tins... :-S

  4. Yh Shock Master could sell a Tin but it is only needed at 1 and only 1 Tin has it ...

    Rescue Rabbit ist so not worth it ... SCR was already around 20-30 ... and the print is just to go along with the other shizzle Konami released in Wave 1, Rabbit gets good as soon we somehow finally get the good xyz's in Feb

    Maxx C should be in there especially the Heliopolis tin needs to get something good ...

  5. True, the Heliopolis tin is lacking when compared to the other, right now.

    Well, Rabbit has been going up again in price, ever since the tins came out. But with this announcement, the price is really going to crash.
    Let's just hope there's no more Photon Shockwave in those tins, because right now there's nothing of interest anymore.