26 September 2012

The revelations so far of Legendary Collection

Some people in Europe got their hands on Legendary Collection 3 already. i'm going to get mine tomorrow (at least if the shopkeeper keeps his word :-P).

So far, the news I'm seeing from random pics & Pojo is mixed. Some cards+rarity are great, other cards give me a "WHY THE HELL" feeling. Let's give some examples:

  • Kycoo the Gost Destroyer is secret rare (yay)
  • Machina Soldier is secret rare (wut?)
  • BLS-EOTB has problem solving card text (yay) and is secret rare (yay?)
  • Commander Covington is Secret rare (seriously, what?)
  • Foil staple spells & traps, like Dark Hole, Card Destruction, Solemn Judgment, Mirror Force,...)
  • Random foil spell or trap (Exchange, Horn of Heaven, Swords of Concealing Light, Double Spell,...)
  • Breaker Ultra Rare (yay)
  • Vanilla Ultra Rares. I've heard people were looking forward to an Ultra Silver Fang & a reprint of the most expensive vanilla ever (Kanan the Swordsmistress), but the amount of Ultra vanilla's is way too high in my opinion.
  • Common and PSCT LV monsters, like Horus, Silent Magician and Armed Dragon (yay)
  • Common reprints of Dark Grepher, Solemn warning, Gold Sarcophagus, Soul Taker,...)
  • Reprints of cards nobody cares about and have nothing to do with the original series (seriously, Earth Chant? Goblin Fan? Stray lambs?)

All in all, I see very good things, mixed with several crap cards, like the previous Legendary Collection.

So, on the end of thursday (or friday morning, I dunno yet), I'll give you an update of what I got

Until then, V out.

"Hey! Now my text is easier to get!
Now if only this new card was easy to get..."

Edit: I made screenshots of what's been revealed so far. (screens are taken from the Yu-Gi-Oh memes page on facebook, I did not make the list).

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