17 September 2012

Deck tests September format #2 - Tele-Ninja

This is one of the promised deck concepts. I've been testing a lot, including with ninja's (because I'm a ninja-fan).


The main problem with ninja's is that they're not really competitive, so finding a good build that doesn't backfire every few duels has been hard.

  • I tried running pure ninja's, but the amount of Transformation & Super-Transformation targets has the tendency to give you a dead hand more often than you like.
  • I tried combining it with Hieratics, but for some reason, I just didn't like the result (it's like doing Hieratic-Hanzo the wrong way, it just doesn't feel right).
  • And then I thought, why not psychics?

And so came the following deck, which can be named Tele-ninja, but let's just call it "Ninjitsu art of Teleportation", just to stay in the ninja-style.

Here's a little decklist:

Explaining the deck

  • Hanzo & Golden ninja are the most known ninja's. Next to them, Earth Armor Ninja is a Cyber Dragon for ninja's & Silver Ninja allows for mass special summoning. White & Blue Dragon ninja are Super Transformation targets, just like White Night Dragon.
  • Sazank is one of the secret gems in the deck. He's one of the 3 Karakuri monsters that is also a ninja (together with Kuick & Nanashik), but he's the only useful one in this deck. Sending monsters to the grave bypasses the effect of cards like Zenmaines or Maestroke.
  • Outside of the (obvious) Super Transformation, the other ninjitsu art I'm using is Duplication. This TCG exclusive (yes, it is) is an easy way to search for more ninja's and even allows for special setting cards.
  • Magic Planter: The downside on most continuous traps in this deck is that they remain on the field, unless removed by force. Rather than Ninjitsu art of Alchemy (which is limited to Ninjitsu art cards), Magic Planter cleans up any used C-traps and allows me to draw more.
  • The Psychic Engine in this deck consists of 3 E-Teleports, 2 Psychic Commanders, 1 Krebons , 1 Psychic Witch & 1 Overdrive Teleporter.

The extra deck is kind of experimental and goes along with the test results right now (read: it will change). Though I can say, cards like Blade Armor Ninja, Maestroke, Excalibur, Leviair and Leviathan will remain. Don't mind the side-deck, as it's been acting as the garbage pile for tested cards.

The overall varied test results gave me the conclusion that this deck is good, but won't be top-tier, unless more ninja support comes out or unless someone gets an amazing idea for this deck. For example, I need to play Blue Dragon Ninja, because he's a Super Transformation target, but honestly, a better effect could've worked :-/.

More test results will follow in the upcoming weeks. Next up will be (let's think)... Chaos.

Until next time, V out.

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