12 September 2012

YCS Sheffield - Good players win and all people have fun

Yeah, YCS Guatemala has been thé event of the past week-end, as YCS Sheffield has gone a little under the radar.

Not hard that it has been forgotten about, considering it was a Battle Pack main event.

But I have to admit, it has been quite successful (for a European YCS). This is the event in a few short bullets:

  • Players: 573 (nice number for a European YCS)
  • Winner: Peter Gross (the winner of YCS Toulouse)
  • Runner-up: Rodrigo Togores (European champ of 2010, Winner YCS Orlando Winner & other tops worldwide)
  • Coverage day one: Click this link!
  • Coverage day two: Click this link!
  • Finals: Click THIS link!
  • Decklists: Who the hell cares, it's sealed Battle Pack!

Bottom line of the main event is as covered by Peter Gross: "Good players are successful, and all people have fun".

The European Coverage was great, as always (honestly, the US coverage team could learn a few things from these guys)

Other fun fact: One of the Giant cards that could be won, was Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon. So you could pick one up sooner than the upcoming structure deck in October (lol, if you don't mind over-sized cards).

Next European YCS is in December, in Barcelona... it's a normal one, don't worry.


  1. Kohanim and PJ were there. It is not like US don't want to make it better, but the trouble is the system they use is old while the EU ones etc are new and better.

    The players niveau was pretty meh honestly.

    There were so many bad players, it is no wonder so many good players topped.

    But yh it is a good thing good people are topping ...

  2. Seriously, the US uses an older system? That's a new one :-O Thanks for telling that.

    That the players' niveau would be low was something that could be predicted, since everyone had the same chances of winning (sealed event). But in the end, all the less good players will end up lower and the good players will top.

  3. I was reading the coverage and one of the players commented on how he thought it was sacky, but it was actually skillful. Made me happy ^^.

    @Ventus U.S.A. doesn't have a old system... we just don't have P.J.!!!