10 September 2012

The Seal of Orichalcos - The Full effect

If you're following the Konamy Strategy blog, you might have picked up a few lines of the effect of the Seal of Orichalcos. for those that didn't, check this blog out.

Thanks to a few people online (both on TCGPlayer & Pojo), the effect has been fully 'revealed'.

Now there IS an effect!

The effect

The effect goes as follows:

  • All monsters you control gain 500 ATK.
  • Once per turn, this card cannot be destroyed by card effects.
  • While you control 2 or more face-up attack position monsters, your opponent cannot target your monster(s) with the lowest ATK for an attack.
  • When this card is activated: destroy all Special Summoned monsters you control.
  • You cannot Special Summon monsters from your Extra Deck.
  • You can only activate "The Seal of Orichalcos" once per duel.

Good or bad?

Well, Konami made sure this card wouldn't make all other field spells useless and wouldn't be abused as hell. But in return, this card has become useless in most decks that are used nowadays. Destroying special summoned monsters? Not being able to summon from the extra deck? Those are huge draw-backs for most decks nowadays.

But there are a few decks that might profit from this card.

  • Frog Monarchs: What's more dangerous than 2400 attack monarchs? 2900 attack monarchs! Monarchs's only special summon treeborn Frog. And even if the frog is blocked by this spell, the fact that your opponent cannot attack monsters with lower attack is a good blocker and helps build up your defenses/tributes.
  • Malefic Style decks. Malefics remove cards from the extra deck, but don't special summon them. And they require a field spell to stay alive. Having a field spell that cannot be destroyed (once per turn) is a powerful asset. Having lower attack monsters that cannot attack, yet cannot be attacked are great assets as well.
  • Eartbound Immortals: You remember those big level 10 monsters from the 5D's era? Powerful cards, but with a big drawback as they required two tributes and needed a field spell to stay alive. With this card, they might make a come-back (though they might require a little more than just this card).

I'm sure more original decks will pop up in the future that might find a use for this card, but for now that's all I could think of.

Well, I'll try to post up some more test results near the end of the week. Until then, V out.


  1. Say, I'm following this blog for quite a while. But I got to ask; who do you think is the best player at your locals?

  2. Hmm... I would say Michael Languedoc.
    He doesn't always participate and may not act like it, but he's definitely the best player from all the locals I attend.

  3. Thanks for telling. Do you also have someone you hate playing against, and for what reason.

  4. Closest thing is a person, appearing in the bigger tourney's in Destelbergen from time to time.
    The way he finds a Dutch term for each English YGO-term is weird, but you get used to it.
    The problem with him is that he often has no clue what the tournament is about nor how the combo's in his deck fit together (or how they don't work together).
    I don't hate him or anything, but let's just say that every person matched up against him, will end up getting very frustrated, trying to explain the rules or how certain combo's don't work as he thinks they do.

  5. Best use is in Malefic Skill Drain GeaRTOWN DECKS obviously

    Itsonly worth playing it there caue youre playing Terraforming anyway

  6. Yeah, it will have the best use in there...
    Yikes... 3500 Gadjiltron dragons & Barbaros's... eek